Saturday, 1 May 2010

Playing Water at the Balcony!

I had recently blogged about Ben having fun at the balcony... You can see the pictures and read about it here.

So anyway, few days ago, we were at our balcony (again!). It's not glaring hot and the weather is just nice, not too windy or too humid. So I changed Ben to his swimming trunks and let him play with the water.
Here are some snapshots - with some captions added by myself... Hahaha... Enjoy!

I love the picture below!
Look at how happy Ben is!



Sarah said...

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing! Checking out what you're up to today. I having my first weekly Button Swap Blog Hop over at my blog where bloggers can swap buttons. Swapping buttons helps bloggers reach new readers and expand their audiences

You can check it out at
if your interested.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Sarah!

Yeah I linked up mine already! Will be going over the list to grab and swap buttons! Great idea btw! And thanks for dropping by! :)

thirdy_smom said...

oh my! I was LMAO here! :D I love the bubble thoughts and Ben's water trick is darn hilarious! You got me there, sis!

BTW, thnks for the comment and for tagging me on the photo meme. I'll read about that so I can join! :) thanks so much

Cindy said...

I love it, "babies at home do not attempt this!" Soo adorable!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hey Anne!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the bubble thoughts! Let me know when your photo meme is up so that I can check it out! :)

Hello Cindy!
Thanks for the compliments! Hope to see you back here again! :D

melissa.english said...

This is much too cute! He looks like he might be about the same age as my son, 11 months? My son has chubby legs, too! I love baby chub! If you can't have it when you're a baby, when can you?! I love the picture of him standing on his adorable. I love little baby feet. They are just edible!

Followed you over from Sits!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi melissa!

Thanks for your compliments! Ben is 14 months old now :)

Oh wow... edible? baby feet and toes? Maybe I should snap more pictures of his toes and thighs huh... ;p

Thanks for dropping by!


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