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How I Broke My Right Arm... The Finale...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... the moment we have all been waiting for... the finale of how I broke my right arm... as much as it saddens me to be finishing my tale, I think its time I put this embarrassing story out once and for all... ;p

In case this is the first time you're reading this post, I suggest you stop right here and read part 1 and part 2 first before continuing on with this post. This is so that you get the better picture of what's happening... and also you get to laugh longer :D

So, those of you who have been faithfully and anxiously waiting to read the final chapter of my stories, here it goes...
PREVIOUSLY... on "How I Broke My Right Arm" - part 2...
"One night while climbing onto my double decker bed I put my whole body weight into that right arm to press on the bed post so that I can climb up and the next thing I know, I heard a crackkkk sound... and I looked at my right arm.

To my horror, I'm seeing the squid-y arm again! This time, I did feel the pain and feeling obviously scared, I started screaming for my mum to come to my bedroom immediately!When she stood right in front of my bedroom door, and saw my broken arm AGAIN, she freaked out.

She gently helped me down again and I can hear her mumbling "Oh God not again, please no" and then she took a deep breath, and did what any panicked mother would do... She pulled my hand straight.

We both heard the crackkkk sound again and while she still holds my hand, we looked down at my hand and this time, we saw that it was straight again! No more squid-y looking hand! Yipeeeee!! My mum has fixed my broken arm!!!"

About a few minutes after mum pulling back my squid-y arm straight, while still holding on to my hand, we both breathe a sigh of relief.. at the wonderful sight of my straight hand. Thanking God for what happened, we both walked to my dad who was about to go to bed and mum told him what happened and what she did and then she let go of her hand... And then... CRACCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!
My hand went squid-y again! Turns out that although my mum seems to have 'fixed' my hand straight, it was NOT permanent. Why it was holding up in a straight pose was thanks to my mum's hand, which was still gripping mine at the time.... which is why it immediately when squid-y mode again the moment she let go of her hand... So, there you go... my third arm breaking incident...
This time, all three of us FREAKED OUT! Dad bounced up from his bed, mum pulling my hand straight again and we left the house after making a call to my eldest aunt, took a cab (we don't have a car then) and rushed to my eldest uncle's house about 20-30 minutes away. Throughout the cab ride, all of us were silent, mum holding tightly to my right arm, scared that it will shrink up again... When we reached my uncle's place, it was quite late at night and we immediately smelled Chinese herbs the moment we walked into the house. Turns out my aunt was already preparing the mixture to be put on my arm.

Of course, no prizes for guessing how happy MacGyver my uncle was to see me breaking my right arm again.
His wish came true cos this time he can properly fixed my arm, pulling it straight and fixed the bones again. And boy oh boy, this time, it hurts like heck! As he pulled my arm straight, he used his other hand to slowly massaged back my bones, making sure it is no longer crooked or still squid-y looking. Tears stream down my face and I actually gulped this small cup of Chinese medicine which people normally used to massage their bruises.

After that, my uncle immediately slap on the herbs that my aunt had been boiling while we were on our way to their place. The herbs stinks real bad and not to mention, it was hot too! Then, he put 4 wooden flat sticks (looks like the wider and thicker version of ice cream sticks), 2 each on the sides of my arm and he wrapped up my hand with the cloth bandage. Then he left the instructions to my mum on how to boil the next batch of medicine and how to change my arm's bandage.
Because of this incident, I further skipped school for few more weeks and by the time I returned back to school, I was 2 months away from the final primary school exam. I was of course worried about my exams and homework and all cos I only have 2 months left to cram everything into my head!
Thank God one of the school teacher (who didn't even teach any of my class) was kind enough to offer to teach and do revision with me before school starts. So every day, I came to school in the morning and do the revision with this lady teacher. I am forever thankful to this teacher, Ms. Ching Lee Har for her kindness and going out of her way to teach a student who is not even in any of her classes. And of course, I'm also thankful to my mum for accompanying me to school and back everyday! (and to my aunt's place to replenish the medicine)

Oh btw, I passed the final school exam with straight As - a great achievement I would say and I also learn to write with my left hand when I returned back to school initially - this is so that I can catch up with the homeworks.

There you go... the final episode of my broken arm stories... not so funny but alas... all things must come to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading through all the 3 parts and just to add on, to this day, my right arm is about half an inch shorter than my left arm. True story! ;P

Sometime I do wonder why this happened to me... and then I saw this:
I couldn't agree more... so people, make sure you take lots of calcium (strong bones) and always, always do warm-up exercise before you immediately start to play or whatever... Thank you for reading my stories! :D

(*Images taken from Google image search)



Lucy said...

Oh WOW! That sounds extremely painful. I take calcium pills...and I am less likely to forget after reading your story. Thanks :)

Southern Loves said...

Hey...I wanted to come by and wish you a HAPPY belated SITS day...I purposefully wait and visit people a few days after their big day because I know how much overwhelming traffic you get!!! I hope it was great for you; I will def. be following you because I, too, am a SAHM, and I love to hear the stories of others!! :-D

~ Marlie

Kiki said...

Jenny, this is awesome and funny too! Hope you enjoyed your SITS day? Thanks for stoppiong by..


chubskulit said...

Oh my Gosh, that's a scary experience of yours. Thanks for sharing..

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

That is one crazy story. And that pic... just made me hurt all over looking at it! Im taking my one a days as we speak!

Visiting from SITS

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Lucy!
Thanks for reading! Good to hear you're taking calcium pills! :)

Hey Southern Loves!
Thanks for the follow. I have already returned the favor and I'm your latest follower now! SITS day was a great one for me, love it love it! :)

Hi Kiki!
Glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for visiting!

Hello chubskulit!
Thanks for reading! :D

Hi Everyday Mom Ideas!
Thanks for popping in! Hope to see you here again! :D

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I can't believe the picture of your arm. It looks so messed up. Stopping from SITS!

Lizzie said...

Loved your Macgyver photos, huge fan. :)
What a story!
Stopped by from SITS, Happy Monday!

Java said...

Oh darn the story so enjoyed reading it! And that pic...ouch! I know its not your but you said yours looked like that! I get chills looking at it!

Thanks for visiting me today and for the kind and encouraging words..I need that!

((hugs)) to you!!

Shelley said...

Ouch!! I can't believe the doctors didn't fix it! I don't think I would ever drink that tea your uncle concocted.

Hannah said...

Wow...I don't think I'm going to be able to forget the picture of your broken arm for a longgggg time. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote. $2,000 in prizes. No entry fee.

Dan said...

Sounds painful.

When I broke my arm, it was by wrapping it around a basketball hoop. The referee blew the whistle and proclaimed "stop the game, that man has a broken arm". When I looked around, everyone was staring at me. Then I realized the one with the broken arm was me. And then it started to hurt. {*grin*}


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