Monday, 31 May 2010

Memories of My Parents...

Found some old pictures of my mum and dad back when they first met and went on their first date... and a wedding picture of them... which brought back tons of memories of them...

This was taken at a garden/park with the parliament behind the view.
I remembered my parents met through my eldest uncle (who is the MacGuyver aka my Chinese doctor who fixed my broken arm), kinda like a blind date setup thingy... My dad was older than my mum by about 9 years but they hit it off and went out on this date at one the popular spots for dating then. This is one of the rarest picture of my mum still looking slim, sexy and pretty while my dad looking dashing as ever!

This was taken at the National Monument.
My dad was such a tall man! I think Ben got his tall genes from his grandpa :P

And this is one of the wedding pictures taken of my parents. They got married in 1973 not long after they first met and a year later, my brother was born. I came along 6 years after my brother so yeah, there was a gap there. I remembered dad telling me that mum bleeds profusely when she delivered me cos she ate loads of pineapples and I guessed those causes her bleeding. Funny thing is now, I don't eat pineapples... maybe I 'had' too much of it when she was pregnant with me :P Oh, did I ever mentioned that my mum is a SAHM too? :D
After my parents passed away (dad in April 06' and mum in Jan 07'), I found mum's wedding dress in their closet. It was turning yellow but other than that, it's still in good condition. Didn't keep it though. I only kept one of her favorite purple blouse which she seems to wear a lot.

If you noticed, my mum had the blackest hair ever. Even in her late 50s, she still had lots of black hair and yeah, head full of hair! I even get compliments by stylists in saloons I went for my haircut few times that I had the blackest hair they have ever seen (which surprisingly I don't seem to notice at all...) and her skin complexion, totally radiant and pimple free! Seriously! I've never seen her using any beauty products or go for any beauty treatments (I've only had ONE facial massage in my life that's all!) and I remembered mum getting lots of compliments about her skin complexion. To this date, I also don't use any beauty products (make up makes my face feel heavy, so you can count with 2 hands the time I put on any sort of face make ups in my life...)

As for my dad, he had the warmest smile ever! It's not often he flashed his geeky smile but when he does it, it feels awfully nice! Like you've won some prizes or something! And he had this reassuring aura about him that makes you feel safe and calm around him, as if everything is under control and you've got nothing to worry about.. the same feeling I get when my hubby's around :D

Now that I'm a mummy, from time to time, I looked at Ben and think, "Hey mummy's little man... you know you've got eyes from mummy... but it's actually from your grandpa! And your black hair, those are from your grandma! Wait till you're older, mummy's gonna tell you more about her mummy and daddy, OK?"

Oh, how I missed my mum & dad....!



Steph said...

What a beautiful tribute to your parents! They were certainly a gorgeous couple. Your little guy will be so blessed as you tell stories of them when he's older!

MissMom2U said...

How sweet! And what lovely pictures!

Annie said...

Nice tribute!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Aries said...

Hey, my parents have those type of photos too. Maybe they are popular spot to take photo. Nice post you have there

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Steph!
Thank you for your time in reading the post. They were a lovely and wonderful couple. Thank God for digital cameras! I can at least show Ben next time some videos I recorded back when my parents are alive.

Hello MissMom2U & Annie,
Thank you for reading and for dropping by! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Hey Aries!
Thank you, god bless you! :)

Esther Y.M. said...

Hi Jenny,

What a heartfelt post. Love the pics, my parents have those same black and white photo's too :))

Do hop over to my blog where I write to encourage and testify, do interviews, give away books, cd's & DVD's.


cheri said...

i think some of the best written posts come from our memories. funny how they are more vivid than when it happened. this is one such post.

wherever they are, i know they're happy on the way you are bringing up "chubby thighs" aka, your son :)

precious said...

Again, another heartwarming post. It reminds me to appreciate my parents more (not that i dont now, but EVEN MORE) and that they are truly God's priceless blessings to us.


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