Sunday, 23 May 2010

Featured, Awarded & Spotted!

Oh wow! I've been quite busy these 2 weeks, so just want to take a few minutes to post this up before I forget about it.

#1: I get to SIT the whole day on 19th May 2010
And by SIT of course I mean I was the FB (Featured Blogger) on SITS for the whole day on 19th May 2010! If you haven't read about it, go on and read about my glorious whole day SITting episode and the aftermath of it!

#2: Sweet Blog Award
I got another award! I mean, my blog gets another award! Yippeeee! The award given to me my blog is:
A sweet blog award? Awwwwwww.... now isn't that sweet or what?! :P Anyhoooo, I would like to thank my bloggy friend, Robyn Jones from One of the Jones for giving me this award. The Rules are:
* Give this award to 10 sweet, friendly bloggers.
* Make a post about the award including the picture and mention who gave it to you.
* Put the award on your blog.
* Let the 10 nominated bloggers know you have awarded them by leaving them a comment.

Ermm... I would just like to pass on this award to whoever reading my blog cos you guys are all a sweet bunch of bloggy friends to me! Go on, grab it and post it up in your blog! :D

#3 - Spotted & Featured
I've been spotted and featured by Cupcake Mommie in her blog! This is so sweet! Thanks alot for noticing me! Muah muah! Makes my blogging activities more meaningful! :D


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