Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Who Wants A Gift Certificate?

** Updates on 1st June 2010: The gift cert has been given already! Please read this link for more info:

Yeah, you read that right! Few days ago, I blogged about an awesome day I had in which one of the reason was me winning a gift certificate worth $20! So anyway, the gift certificate was given by Organically Hatched, a company that sells tons of organic baby products.

Now a bit of a story on why I'm giving away this gift certificate. You see, I had earlier created my account in their website and key in all my details and applied the gift certificate codes into my account and then I happily proceeded to select the items I would like to redeem with that $20. And when I click the 'Check Out' button, I realized that the shipping fees costs higher that the items I selected! :(

Bummer!!! This totally sucks! These are the moments I hate being in this part of the world! :( So, anyway after canceling my selections, I checked with the sales staff at the store and they said I can transfer this gift certificate to someone else so long as they just need to key in the gift certificate code.

So, now back to my question...


There's no string attached to this. You have no idea how sad I am to part away with this gift certificate... it's my FIRST giveaway prize and I have to give it away... :( Anyhoooo, I'm giving this away cos' if I don't do this, it will just goes to waste.

Now, whoever interested in getting this gift certificate (TWENTY US DOLLARS!!!), I appreciate if you could just drop me a comment together with your email address and tell me why you deserve to have the gift certificate.

I repeat:
#1 - Drop me a comment, make sure your email address is included in your comment.
#2 - In the same comment, tell me why you deserve to have the gift certificate.

That's all... as simple as that. I will choose the best reply and forward you the gift certificate codes via email.

p.s: I'm just going to open up this offer until end of this month midnight Malaysia time (31st May 2010) and its applicable to worldwide since the gift certificate codes can be given via email :D

* Image taken from Organically Hatched website


Kristin said...

I absolutely love that. FBing the quotes now!!

Riannon said...

What a cutie! You have won an award. Check it out on my site:

Rinei said...

I want it, because my friend will get birth soon.
just want to give her something and organic baby supplies must be a perfect one.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Riannon!
Thanks for the award! :)

Michele P. said...

so sorry to hear you can't use your first win! But rest assured, keep searching and you will find lots of international ones that will not cost so much in shipping. I've got a 10 mo old grandson and another one on the way, due in August. Natural and organic products are great, since they are safer for baby. Thanks for the opportunity to win and sending you plenty of winning vibes for future giveaways!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am sorry to hear you can't keep the certificate! I am hoping to win it for my sister. She is expecting her second child in July, but just lost her job :(. So I know even $20 will help her in the meantime, until she can find another job.

oompaloompalove said...

I would LOVE to win it because I am expecting my third baby in June and would be able to use it asap, PLUS, it would be my 1st win too!! :)

Jessica and Cohen said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway! It's such a bummer you couldn't use it, though! :(
Anyway, I would love to have this gift certificate to buy something exciting for my 2 boys, 21 months and 5 months. Times have been hard for us, as with everyone, and they haven't gotten anything fun in a while! I also LOVE to get the boys anything that's organic/naturally made! It seems like the best idea for them and for the planet! Plus, they have cloth diapers on the website and I would love to add some more to our stash! :)
Thanks again! I sure hope we win!!!

Nelle said...

This seems really neat! My best friend is pregnant with her first and loves organic items. This would just be perfect for her!!

promises4ever at gmail dot com


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