Thursday, 13 May 2010

★ Today's Awesome Discovery! ★ (Exam Answers!)

Alrighty... it has been some time since I last posted on awesome stuff I found from the Net, so this round, I would like to share this funny article I got from this website called Caveman Circus. The images are taken from the website and are those that I particularly chuckled at the most. So, here it goes:

Some are pretty disturbing huh?


Supermanslady said...

I so desperately needed to laugh today and that last one in particular - man oh man was I laughing!!

Yes, a wee bit disturbing...but just so hilarious!!!

Thanks for sharing dearie!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

These ALWAYS make me laugh (and I have seen some of them 10 times now and I still laugh!!) I love the one with the green paper, had not seen that one!!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hey Katie!
Glad you enjoyed this post.

Hi Cindy!
Yeah, I've seen this before previously but some are new ones and since it's been a while I posted on my blog meme (Today's Awesome Discovery), I decided to share this with you guys! :)


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