Saturday, 22 May 2010

★ Review - Hanging Basket ★

Welcome to my 1st product review! (oh well... I mean, my 1st non- book or baby room related reviews! :P) Just a quick info, whenever you see this button above, it means I'm sharing my feedback and review on the product we used. The product I'm reviewing today is the "Neo Geo Kids - Bee Hanging Basket".
It's made of Polyester & Mesh With Metal Frame, its size is 60cm L x 40cm W and according to the product website, its material is Non Toxic & Meet International Safety Requirements. The design comes in either lady bird or bumble bee (which is the one we got).

What is it for? Well, you can use it to hang on the wall, its also excellent for the bathroom, kids room, nursery, kindergarten, hallway, kitchen, wherever you can think of and it is suitable for laundry, clothes, towels, toys, accessories, toiletries & stationery.
I like it cos it is large and its durable mesh pocket allows me to store quite a number of things inside! The colors are vibrant and cute, love the fact that it's not just a decoration thing cos it's functional and hygienic as well since I can keep every thing inside in 1 place.

The bumble bee design we got certainly brightens up Ben's playroom. Maybe it's just me but I prefer the bumble bee design cos the yellow color just makes the room so cute and cheerful! Just look at the picture of it in Ben's playroom:
When you lift the bumble bee's wings up, you can see the contents inside. At the moment, I used the hanging basket to keep Ben's stuff, such as disposable diapers, a spare change of clothes for Ben, talcum powder and some handkerchiefs. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and so far, has been one of the value for money product I got for Ben! :D
Oh, we got ours from the recent Toys "R" Us sales for RM5! (that is Malaysian Ringgit 5 or equivalent to USD1.53). Cheap for me! Not sure how much it's being sold in other country (or whether there is such a product). So far, I can only find it on this website and its selling price is double of what we got it for. (
I received no monetary compensation for this review as this product was purchased by our own money and I thought of just sharing my feedback after using it with you guys. Do note that all opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinion may differ from mine.



chubskulit said...

This is a very nice thing to have esp. when you have little kids like us..

Robyn Jones said...

Those are very cute...I especially love the lady bug..mostly because my little girls room is all done in lady bug! I will have to check out our Toys R Us and see if we sell them...BTW..Not sure what happened to FF, but there is a couple new people starting a new one now...

Mama Hen said...

That is really cute!! I love the ladybug!! Little Chick was a bumble bee for Halloweeen last year so she would probably love that one. Thanks for stopping by Mama's Little Chick! I'll be back for more reviews!

Mama Hen

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

i love your blog design, it's adorable! I also love your buttons and dividers in this blog post, they match your design =) Awesome!

Gina F said...

I love the Ladybug Hanging Basket. It would go great in my daughter's room as it is in Ladybugs. Thanks for sharing and posting the review with us. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment also. I hope you are having a great weekend. :)


cupcake mommie said...

hi :)
you're a featured blogger this week

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi chubskulit!
Yeah agree! :)

Hey Robyn!
I think for girls, the lady bug design would be nicer! The hanging basket I got although was sold during the ToysRus sales, it was not by them, it was kinda like a few brands working together and shared space to do the sales. As for FF, I wrote in to One To Try to thank them for this great meme! :)

Hi Mama Hen!
Glad you enjoyed the review! I'll be posting up few more soon! And a couple of giveaways too! :)

Hey Bitsy Baby Photography!
Thank you for your compliments! :)

Hi Gina F!
Glad you enjoyed the review! You have a great week ahead! :D

Hi cupcake mommie!
Thanks for spotting me & for the feature! :)


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