Tuesday, 25 May 2010

★ Review - Artiwood Letters ★

The product I'm reviewing in this round is: "Artiwood Letters"!
I have been given an opportunity to review a set of these wonderful and oh-so-cute wooden letters and I decided to choose Ben's name for the product sample. I placed my details on their very easy to use website, entered the letters and the design that I'd like to receive and within 3 weeks (could be faster but it got held up by our custom - sigh... ), I received the product for review!
Artiwood Letters is an eco-friendly, Australian based wooden toy company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of fun and colorful wooden painted letters. Each wooden letters comes with self-adhesive patches on the back so that names and words can be spelled out on doors, walls, and other hard surfaces. Typical dimensions of these colorful wooden letters are H 3.5" x W 3" x B 0.25". (H 10cm x W 8cm x B 0.6cm).

The wooden letters are little works of art produced with child-safe paint and are made from non endangered and renewable timber. Their full range of wooden letters featuring animal wooden letters, dolphin wooden letters, fairy wooden letters, dinosaur wooden letters and koala wooden letters.

What can it be used for? Well, it makes the most perfect and affordable special gift for both girls and boys. They can be ordered as an entire alphabet collection, or individual wooden letters can be purchased separately to spell out a name or message. The result is a fun, personalized gift. On top of that, it makes a great educational tool for spelling names and words on children's doors and walls, or as decorative pieces to brighten up the home.
When I first received the package, I was super excited! It feels so nice when you see the personal touch Artiwood Letters put into the package. Just look at the handwritten name for Ben. Awwww.... isn't that sweet? They had me at 'Benjamin'! :P
The package also came with a small brochure, showing us the type of wooden letters themes they have and also the company's contact details.
Here they are on our Ikea rug in Ben's playroom, all spelled out in full for Ben's name. I love the fact that they are detailed enough to provide different colors for the repeated wooden letters! Take a look at the letter "N" - noticed they gave us 2 colors instead of the same ones? Cool and what a nice touch, eh?
Here is another version so that I can show you guys the close up of the wooden letters. Noticed all the different animals on each wooden letters that actually corresponds with the alphabet of each wooden letters? Like "B" is for Bear, "E" is for Elephant and so on... Nice!
This is what you'll see at the back of each wooden letters. The paper will reveal the self adhesive patches when you peel them off.
And here's the front view of one of the wooden letters. Beautiful, eh?
Of course, since I've planned to put this wooden letters up in Ben's playroom, who else better to do the product testing and quality assurance than Ben himself?! Without delay, our top quality tester smelled the wooden letters.
Ben is so happy with the wooden letters that he was practically drooling over them... Picture below showing daddy wiping away Ben's drool... :P
Next, daddy's help was needed to put up the wooden letters. I felt that the self-adhesive patches was a bit small cos' I ended up using my own self-adhesive tape to add on to the wooden letters for better stick on coverage.
Here's Ben checking out daddy's work...
Here's another shot of Ben with his awesome name in the wooden letters.
Here's the close up shot of the final results.
The reason I get the animal alphabet letters design other than the variety of the animals shown, it is also so that I can teach Ben the alphabets, the animals and the colors of each! :D Go to their website at http://www.artiwoodletters.com/ and place your order NOW! The price is $3.95 for each letters, $9.50 for shipping to worldwide and each alphabet collection comes with its own special poem to complement the flavor of its theme.
If you would like to own a set of these awesome and to-die-for wooden letters for FREE, stay tuned as I'll be organizing a giveaway for it! Yes!! My first giveaway! I'll be posting the details up in a separate post as I'd like to dedicate this post specifically for my product review and feedback.
I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with a free product by Artiwood Letters in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine. All I can say to sum this product review up is:



JDaniel4's Mom said...

These are so cute! I bet your giveaway will go really well. Stopping from SITS!

Unknown said...


We are now stocking these letters here in the UK


or check out our ebay shop Pretty_little_things

Lian x


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