Monday, 5 October 2009

65th Birthday Celebration for MIL

Barely 2 weeks after we had a nice & expensive lunch at Carcosa Seri Negara, we went out for a birthday dinner celebration for MIL's 65th birthday at Garden Imperial Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Center. The dinner was a treat from hubby's eldest brother.

It was a very nice restaurant, we had our own private room, 1 table for adults, and 1 table for the kids. There's a gas stove and karaoke (with nice songs selections) provided.

The dishes are wonderful... in fact, I missed some of the dishes as I was occupied with Ben (feeding him his cereal + carrot puree), barely saw the smoked duck, the fish dish and the veggie dish.

Our starters...

Sharks fin - I had 2 bowls of this hehehe....

Char siew & siew yuk. Super nice!


Longevity noodle - yummy!

The birthday cake... we tapau-ed back some of it, and lucky me... MIL & hubby don't really like chocolate.. so muaahahahahahaha... they are all MINE!!!

Dessert. Got some lin-yung inside. MIL's 80 years old mother likes it so much that she walloped 3 of this so fast that the rest of us quickly scrambled to get our portion hahahahah...

Dessert - Sea coconut + strawberry chunks... I also had 2 bowls of this... hehehe...

All in all, it was a nice gathering with great foods & cosy environment :)


Mumzzy said...

wah...u're a good "eater" hahaa...2 bowls...2 this and that...2 mc d chic haha! :P

nvm lah, got lots of fats to burn from breastfeeding!

chinese fine dining, is it a norm in kl these days?

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mumzzy, no matter how much I eat, I still look super think ok... I am not kidding. Ppl look at me as if I'm anorexic leh... My chunk of fat & meat practically goes to Ben every 3 hours la... :P

I'm not sure about the Chinese fine dining being a norm in KL nowadays, maybe its just me having more chance to go here and there now that I'm not tied down at work hahahaha...


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