Friday, 16 October 2009

Baby Room Review - Jaya Jusco, One Utama

After my previous baby room review for Ikea Mutiara Damansara & Berjaya Times Square, here is another review for the baby room I used at Jaya Jusco, One Utama.

When: somewhere in middle of 2009
Why: family outing to shop for Ben's car seat & stroller
Location: Same floor with Children's department. There's a baby room right behind where they sell baby strollers, baby car seats and etc.

Location of the baby room: I'd give it 9/10. There is proper signage once you are in Jaya Jusco and you can just follow the signs which will lead you to the baby room. It is right behind the place where they sell baby strollers, baby car seats and etc. I can actually nurse Benjamin happily while hubby & MIL was just right outside shopping for the car seat & stroller.

Facilities: I'd give it 9/10. Dustbin, sink, handwash liquid, diaper changing station, few cubicles cordoned off with curtains each containing a sofa and sarong (manual) for nursing mums.

Comfort Level: I'd give it 9/10. The room is spacious, cosy, not too cold/hot/stuffy, nice setting and comfortable lit. They actually put the diaper changing station at the front with the sink and dustbin nearby where else the nursing mums area are at the back. There's about 6 cubicles (if I can still remember correctly), each with its own 2 seater sofa and each cubicle has a sarong and a mini bolster/pillow provided for your baby.

What I don't like: Nothing much really... except abit of a concern how clean is the sarong and the pillow/bolster provided (I didn't use it anyway). And some of sofa seat is abit torn (probably done by naughty kids or the sofa used are 2nd hand bought? I don't know...)

** Note: I hope to be able to post up some pictures of the baby room when I do have a chance to go shopping at One Utama next time. :D

Updates on 12/11/09:
* As promised, pictures below taken after a shopping trip to One Utama recently...

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