Thursday, 22 October 2009

Baby Room Review - Ikano, Mutiara Damansara

After my previous baby room reviews for First World Plaza (so called baby room review lah!), Jaya Jusco One Utama, Ikea Mutiara Damansara & Berjaya Times Square, here is another review for the baby room I used just yesterday night while out shopping at Ikano's Popular Bookstore for more books for Benjamin.

I didn't use the baby room for breastfeeding though cos' I fed Ben right before we went out but because of that, our dear prince kindly return back my generosity of breastfeeding him by pooping a nice smelly & sticky one for his mummy... bahhhh....

Sorry if the picture is not clear as it was taken using my 2MP handphone - so quality not as good compared to my other pictures in my blog... :P

When: 20th Oct 2009, at night
Why: family outing to shop for Ben's books
Location: Same floor with Popular bookstore. Sorry, forgot which floor but it is at the other end, next to FOS if I'm not mistaken.

Location of the baby room: I'd give it 8/10. There is proper signage that will lead you to the baby room but because its at the other end of where I was, that's why I give it an 8.

And also, as I was strolling towards the baby room, there's a woman standing right in front of the baby room (doors open) - no baby, no stroller, she's just standing there as if enjoying the aircond or something... weird...

Facilities: I'd give it 9/10. Dustbin, mirror, sink, handwash liquid, towels, 2 diaper changing station, 2 sofas with 1 of them having a curtain around to cordon it off for breastfeeding mums.

Comfort Level: I'd give it 10/10. The room size is just nice, cosy, not too cold/hot/stuffy, nice setting and comfortable lit.

What I don't like: The one thing I don't like is that woman standing right in front of the baby room when she is not using it at all.. she left immediately when I went into the baby room. Weirdo...

The 2 diaper changing stations.

Door closed-view from inside the baby room.

Ben happily slapping his stroller after a fresh change of diaper.


Mumzzy said...

i like jaya jusco the best. the one we have in penang is really clean and well equipt!

Mark said...

Do guys in baby rooms get weird looks?

Especially if they're not with a baby? (Looking for someone/something lah)

Hm, can't imagine having a child of my own. >.< I'll freak, evaluating every second of every day. =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...


If the guy is alone sitting in the baby room, then it's weird. But if he's with his wife or his kids in the baby room, then not so weird lah...

You should have a child! My hubby said clients and friends are more understanding & receptive to you when you have kids.


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