Monday, 19 October 2009

Baby Room Review - First World Plaza, Genting (what baby room?!!)

After my previous baby room reviews for Jaya Jusco One Utama, Ikea Mutiara Damansara & Berjaya Times Square, here is another review for the place I used at First World Plaza at Genting.

Oh heck... it's not even a room, just a quiet corner at the top floor in First World Plaza which I had to hide myself in the corner in order to breastfeed Ben. Refer picture below taken as we were leaving the place. Imagine that red box shown is where I was sitting on a wheelchair (rented for MIL) with me facing the wall.

When: 17th Oct 2009
Why: A weekend family outing in Awana Genting (before check-in at 3pm, we went to First World Plaza to walk around)
Location: Top floor, near entrance to Tower 1-28

Location of the baby room: I'd give it 1/10 (1 score for my ability to find the most secluded place). Apart from a toilet stall turned into diaper changing station at the First World hotel lobby near the convention center, there is NO baby room in First World (hubby asked one of the staff there). I didn't want to use the diaper changing station stall cos:
# 1- very small (its same size with the other toilet stalls)
# 2 - hygienic reason, don't want to breastfeed in the same place where ppl poop n piss

And we go to the top floor bcos:
# 1 - less ppl there = secluded area
#2 - less ppl = cleaner place

I did try to check out the toilets at the top floor area but there are only 2 stalls (1 sit, 1 squat) and its dirty as well..

Facilities: I'd give it 0/10. The mgmt should really consider providing baby rooms (well, if there really is one, someone please let me know so that I do not need to hide in one corner to breastfeed next time I go there). I checked out the website and still didn't see any facilities for baby. In fact, the wheelchair we rented for MIL is the one and only available in the entire place. We had to pay RM300 for deposit and must return it by 10pm on the same day.

Comfort Level: I'd give it 1/10 for the air-cond. I sat on my MIL's rented wheelchair with my back facing the public walkway, hung a nappy around my neck and breastfeed Ben at the corner.

What I don't like: No baby room... that is already one big bummer...


Mumzzy said...

no room also can breastfeed, way to go :) usually i do in car...easier lah

government should make it compulsory to have bb's room in public places

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Have to make do with whatever we have :) If go back to car, very far plus with wheelchair and heavy (and by then fussing and crying) baby, better not lah... Plus, not worth it go back all the way to car for 5-10 minutes feeding.. :)


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