Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill...

I found one mole on Benjamin's back 2 days ago. And was broadcasting to anyone who approached me. MIL said 'tai keng siu guai' (aka making a mountain out of a molehill). MIL also said, so small cannot even notice la!!

Actually, come to think of it... it is really really small... like the size of the dot at the end of this sentence. Wait... it's actually smaller... hmmm...alright, alright... I'm just sua-ku-ing myself again... just that I'm fascinated at discovering new things on Ben's body! :P

Then yesterday MIL told me that according to Chinese beliefs, if the mole is those that swells up/grow bigger in size (I think Chinese call it 'sang mak' or live mole) it means something depending on where it is located. Those that stays the same size doesn't have any meaning.

I know I once was terrified on this live mole on the tip of my nose.. it is growing bigger (about 2mm in diameter) then and it got to a point that I really freaked out at the thought of it turning to those mole which is like a berry knob with a hair sticking out of the mole! My mum used to have one of those on her back, so it really freaked me out that I might have it on my nose. So, at 13 years old, my dad brought me to this dilapidated shop on the 1st floor of this shoplot in KL (forgot where) - apparently there was this sifu who was famous for removing moles from your body and face.

He told dad and me that he will removed 2 moles from my face and he can only removed those live moles. One near my lower eyelid which the sifu said makes me cry alot... and the other on my nose which is what I wanted to remove anyway. Couldn't remember much of the procedure but the sifu used this joss stick and sort of poked it at my moles for few seconds and then he put on some kinda lotion or ointment over the mole and told me not to touch or get it wet and to leave it like that until it fell off by itself.

The worse thing is when the mole is in the process of drying (or dying) and scabbing up, the ointment became dry and stuck with the scab. I sort of look like a clown with black tipped nose instead of red tipped nose and it lasted for about 2 weeks... not to mention I went to Singapore with my mum and cousins for holiday trip (to celebrate me getting all As in my UPSR then) with that big clown scab... :(

After the 2 weeks, I couldn't wait.. the scab are dry but a small part still stuck to my nose flesh. The one on my lower eyelid fell off days earlier with no more signs of the mole. So, with my itchy 13 year old hands, I scratched the scab off. And the mole is still there. Although it's now flat and dead (no more swells up and size stays the same), it is still on my nose. Well,... we cannot remove dead moles according to the sifu so it stays on my nose until now. At least I have the peace of mind knowing my nose mole will not grow big anymore and sprout any hair in it... phewwww..

Anyway, the mole he removed on my lower eyelid that he said makes me cry alot... well... not true... I still cry easily and it seems Ben inherited this from me... hahaha... :P

So, old childhood memories aside, I will be on watch for any moles that appears on Ben's body... hahahahah...


Mark said...

Pretend pretend drop in that you're a straight A student huh?

Interesting, I thought moles could only be removed with lasers. I'm quite skeptical about most things, so I wouldn't believe those sifu can actually do anything.

Nice tag cloud by the way. ;) "My Posts Shortcuts" is kinda hard to say though.


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

No need to pretend wan... if you only knew the amazing story of how I can get all As after only revision within 3 months... maybe that will be in another post la.. :P (also did I mention I also get straight As in PMR as well?)

By right moles are to be removed using laser but you know Chinese la... anything works is good enough la!!!

I love the tag clouds!!! Will think of a new label to put since 'My Posts Shortcuts' is hard for you to say... :P

Mumzzy said...

haha! mole with hair :P
u itchy fingers lah, go scratch.

Mark, chinese style, cheaper, as long as it produce same results. who cares chinese or ang moh style :P hahaa

I'm a full-time mummy... said...


The one on Ben's back is dead mole (sei mak) - scratch however also cannot remove and it doesn't grow bigger.

The one that's on my nose used to be live mole, can grow big and may have the hair like what I freak out of lah...

Anonymous said...

I have moles all over my body that I gave up keeping track and removing them! Moles, especially those that grow, have different tones and texture as well as produce pus, need to be cautious of and if possible, removed :))

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Wah, got moles that can produce pus somemore?!!! Scary lerr...

Mark said...


I actually have a lot of moles to, but rather than worry about hair and pus, I'm more worried about cancer...



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