Monday, 19 October 2009

Genting family trip...

Went up to Awana Genting for a weekend family trip (17 & 18th Oct 09) - total 5 adults (me & hubby, MIL, bro in law & his wife) and 1 kid (bro in law's 4 yr old son and 1 baby (mine laaaaa...)

As we can only check-in to Awana Genting at 3pm, we went up to First World Plaza for a stroll. We reached Genting at 11am and proceeded to look for wheelchair for MIL. Found the one and only wheelchair available and paid the RM300 deposit. Bro in law & his family went off to the First World indoor theme park and we (hubby, me, Benjamin & MIL) continued our stroll.

After about 1 hour of walking, Ben starts to fuss and I knew its time for feeding already. Hubby went to ask one of the staff there and was told there's no baby room around. So we up to the highest floor in the plaza and look for a secluded place to breastfeed. Read here for more info on my experience breastfeeding there.

After about 10 minutes, we continued on our stroll and we went to Ripley's Believe it Or Not.

The above is real beans found in Aztec graves - 1100 yrs old!

The above is actually part of the 40 rice grains, each depicting the bible. I was busy taking the picture of it and forgot to take a look at it using the magnifying scope attached to the frame. Darn it!!

After the tour, Ben was getting tired and fell asleep on MIL's lap. Getting that wheelchair is a really good move as hubby and I are spared from the torture of lugging around a 7.5mths old baby weighing almost 10kg (Ben weighed 8.75kg at 6mths old during the last paediatric visit we made in early Sept and I weighed Ben at home 1 week ago - almost 10kg then)

After we were done with the stroll, hubby returned the wheelchair and we make our way down to Awana where bro in law & his family has already checked into. The rest of the day was spent in the hotel room, eating and just watching TV.

I'm not sure whether I should post up my experience during the night when we were all sleeping. I am not kidding but I had this experience with 'things' from the other dimension that night, even the kids had it....I'm not afraid of it as prayers and calling of Jesus name in my heart does the job of getting rid of those 'things'.

The next morning at 8.30am, the kids all woke up and the entire family as well... Got ready and went down to the Rajawali restaurant to have our buffet breakfast.

Pic above of Ben still in his baby carrier. We left it on as the baby chair is a bit big and low for him -we are scared he might crawl out so we thought better leave something cushion-y around Ben. We ate our breakfast, Ben 'ate' his unsalted butter...

Actually I gave it to Ben to play with, then he started gumming the unsalted butter pack (don't worry the packaging is soft) and next thing hubby showed me the dent made by Ben's gumming then next thing we know, Ben gummed it until the butter spew out!!

Picture below is the decoration by the resort for the Deepavali festival...

Pic above of Ben laughing at MIL's antiques as we made our way down from Genting back to our home. We checked out at 1pm and reached home at 2pm+, way more tired than before we even go up Genting... weird... weird... anyhow, it was a nice short getaway and Benjamin was really comfortable with the cool environment (we didn't even bother with his long pants after 1st day).


Joey said...

Hello Full-Time Mummy,

I stumbled upon your blog when contemplating whether to leave my job for motherhood. I've always admired your ability and perseverance in breastfeeding your baby for so long! I'm currently expecting my first baby and hopes to breastfeed too; my goal is for at least 6 months. Maybe you can write a post on your breastfeeding secrets so that mommies-to-be can learn from your success too?

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi Joey!

Welcome to my humble blog! And congrats for the baby to come!

You will know whether to stay or to leave your job when the baby arrives... :) If you are free, read my post on one of the reasons I quit my job (

Actually I can be considered one of the lucky mums around - with no problems on childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care and so on. All smooth sailing! :)

I hope I can breastfeed for as long as Ben still wants it! :)

Do you have MSN? We can talk more if you want on breastfeeding & etc.
Thx for the suggestion on the blog post. Will come up with one soon! :)

Joey said...

I read your post on one of the reasons you quit your job. I will approach the whole issue the same way too if I were you. And I'm already foreseeing my bosses saying "no" and saying "what if others ask for the same thing too?" if I suggest part-time or work from home concept to them. It's just SO difficult to find a good babysitters these days, especially in my area! And I'm not so lucky in terms of relatives' support - both my parents are in Melaka and my mom-in-law has passed away.

Your ability to sail through pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding is God sent. And also because you did your homework well. Baby Ben is so adorable, I especially love his big round eyes!

I don't have MSN unfortunately, can't chat from work :(

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi Joey!

Shucks.. no chat huh? We can contact via email but don't feel comfy giving out my email address here la (one of my phobia :P)

Well, both my parents passed away, so was my father in law, now left MIL who is 65, had sleeping & knee problems, so we don't want to trouble her much with the baby care. And add on with our high expectations of babysitters in our area. That's why quitting my job seems like a good solution lah!

Thanks for the compliment on Ben's eyes! FYI, he got it from me, hehehehehe....


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