Saturday, 10 October 2009

Video-Rich Son, Poor Son...

Came across this video link on Facebook and decided to share it out here.

I just want to say, "Money is not everything. Remember how much your parents sacrifice to bring you up and we must repay them with gratitude and love. Cherish your parents while they are still alive..."

I pray that when I die and if I do go to heaven, I will see my parents there again. I miss them so much...


Mumzzy said...

Hi Jenny,
I understand how you feel, it's not easy to cope especially with your loved ones. *hugs*

Mark said...

Hey, I saw this video on my friend's Facebook as well! Wonder if we're connected by that "6 degrees" thing. =-P Either that or all Malaysians are too free...

It's an old video, but I remember watching it on TV though I don't remember when.

My friend had another video as well, this lady interviewing a cute little chinese boy about his Malay girlfriend, did you see? =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mark, the interview on the little Chinese boy on his Malay gf was shown on TV during the Raya festival I think.


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