Saturday, 24 October 2009

He Ain't Heavy...

Was browsing through some old pics taken since Benjamin was born early March this year. The following are pics taken of his weight since born...

This pic was taken when Ben was 4 days old.

He weighed 2.4kg at 4 days (his birth weight was 2.71kg) - the decrease of 300g is due to the passing of meconium which was cleared within few days after birth.

We hired a postnatal consultant from Jenlia Maternal Services for home visits since we are doing our own DIY confinement, just want to make sure we do everything correctly, and one of the thing they do is to check his weight and height. He looks so cute lying on the weighing machine then... So fragile!

I missed taking pics of Ben's weight during his 1st and 2nd month.

I can only remember Ben doubling back his birth weight when he was 2mths old.

This pic was taken from my handphone when we brought Ben to his paed checkup when he was 3mths old. Weight at 3mths: 6.956kg

This was Ben when he was 4mths old, at our paed clinic for Ben's scheduled jabs.

Weight at 4mths: 7.796kg

This was Ben when he was 5mths old, at our paed clinic for Ben's scheduled jabs. We gotta put on a bib for Ben that time because he was drooling alot then.

Weight at 5mths: 8.206kg

This was Ben when he was 6mths old, at our paed clinic for Ben's last scheduled jabs (for now until he turns 1 year old). Noticed he was much much taller now!

Weight at 6mths: 8.750kg

The last I weighed him at home using my trusty Ikea weighing machine, which was when Ben is 7 mths old... touching 10kg. This was done by me placing Ben sitting tripod style on the weighing machine without supporting anything.

As he is approaching his 8mth soon, I'm still in awe... all this weight... and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding him (no formula still) and just started solids since June. MIL often teased that he is heavy because of my breast milk. Hmmm...

He ain't heavy... he's my baby.... :D


Joey said...

Wow...didn't know Ben was such a small baby when born because he sure looks sturdy now. Must be the breastmilk!

P/S: I did read your previous posts on the "Breastfeeding" topic (thanks so much for that!) and commented on Friday but somehow it probably didn't reach you :(

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi Joey!

Ben's weight was just nice. Gynae said if my baby is more than 2.8kg, I'd have to go for C-sect cos my body frame is small, so thank God of his weight and size, I can deliver him supernaturally! :)

Aiya, I didn't get any comments wor, funny thing is my friend email me also I didn't get :( Weird!!!

Mumzzy said...

wow 10KG. can really see the difference in the weighing scale pix.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mumzzy, latest is touching 10kg la. Cos home's weighing machine not as accurate as the paed's clinic's one.

fabulous28 said...

wow u really very good at mommying thing...

my son now turn 10 months and his weight is only 8 plus...a bit on the small size..i still breastfeed too..the thing is my son is hyperactive and now that he can throw tantrum..he can easily reject milking..sigh! i have to chase him during meal time too!

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi fabulous28!

Nolah, maybe cos I'm a SAHM, 24 hrs with Ben so can feed him anytime he wants :P

My son is hyperactive too... as I'm typing now is 10mins to midnite and he's stil in his walker playing around and just managed to pick up this heavy book we bought him few days ago.

Wah.... I hope Ben doesn't throw tantrum and reject milk leh.. hmm...

Mark said...

Bigger is better!

Besides not like you're the one carrying him right? ;)


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mark... I AM the one carrying Ben most of the time... since I'm a SAHM and still breastfeeding him.

FYI, I have returned to my post pregnancy weight few months ago and is hoping it doesn't go down anymore.

I have been weighing 45kg since Form 5 until I got pregnant and then I added 11kg which sheds off real quick once I delivered and starts breastfeeding.

Heard that once we stop breastfeeding the weight will go up again... bah...


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