Friday, 16 October 2009


Oooo... Recently I submitted one of Ben's pureed food pic to this website and it got posted today! They need time to review the picture and edit the captions so anyway, I am glad it got published! :D

This is the actual pic I took (but the one I sent to them is without the watermark of my blog address in case they might think I'm trying to advertise my blog :P)

This is the published one - I screenshot it in case they post up another pic:

Close up shot (hehehehe... I am just so vain...) :P

On top of seeing the picture getting published, I also get a free e-book from the website. It's a 56 pages of homemade baby food recipes. Yesssssss!!


nathan said...

What a cutie! And isn't it advanced to be doing all the above at his age? 7 months?

My Nathan is not drinking out of sippy cup yet. He's more interested in banging it against the surface, or just turn it upside down to drip dry all the contents.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi nathan!

I introduced the sippy cup to Ben at 6mths when he started his solids. At first of course, he's just playing with it and fascinated when there is water dribbling down to his mouth. After a few attempts and training, he is now able to hold with 2 hands, lean back (to tilt the cup higher) and drink from it :)

And just when you go awwwww.. so clever boy... then he is done with the drinking and starts to smack smack smack with the sippy cup and then you see the mummy wiping the wet floor again... bah.... :P


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