Sunday, 11 October 2009


I received this funny joke on holidays from an ex-colleague the other day:

Quite true... reminds me back when I had to rush off all my projects and assignments months from my estimated due date which was 12 March 09'. I think all my colleagues and my supervisors are getting restless when February came cos the Chinese believes 1st child if son normally will deliver faster, sometimes can be 1 month earlier.

I was handling a few new projects as the company was in the midst of changing the core IT system, then there is some new industry guidelines which our line of business needs to adhere to and practically all the other competitors companies are all rushing to meet the dateline, not to mention we just took back the development & support role from the Group IT - which means we have to rely on ourselves now.

So anyway, while I was getting nervous with the approaching date of my delivery, I have to rush all my works, and at the same time still getting new things to do cos the company need them fast (not bragging, but I can multi-tasks like mad and my users can vouch for me, also I have my performance appraisal to prove this)

Then I took a day-off and went for my gynae checkup and the next day I delivered my baby and my maternity leave starts from there. For the first 2 weeks, I was totally busy with Benjamin but I do log in to the company's mail server to check my mails and I do replied those mails.

When I returned back to work, I'm glad I saved up my leave entitlement as due to family matters, I have to make a (painful then but worth it now) decision to quit my job and care for Ben. I have to serve 3 months notice or pay in lieu if I want to go earlier than 3 months. I served 1 month (of which hubby & MIL took turns to care for Ben until I got off work) and paid off the other 2 months notice (after minus off 9 days of leave I'm entitled to). Mind you, the 2 months I have to pay is not little but after weighing the pros & cons, I think its worth the sacrifice.

So anyway, all that aside and back to the topic of leave... yeah.. I'm glad I didn't use up my leave entitlement. Its kinda hard cos normally around the year-end, all staff have to plan out their leave for the next year which I do feel its silly.. how can we look so far ahead and plan when to take leave?

Then come the hassle in thinking where to slot in your planned leave and have to ensure you cannot clash with anyone. Then those other stuff like, don't take at month end / year end (critical time), don't take too long stretch, don't take near the public holidays, don't take during school holidays, don't keep taking the same time near public holidays - must rotate with other team mates, meaning if this year you take before CNY, then next year you cannot repeat that.

All this hassle... bah... luckily I don't have to deal with this anymore. Now, if there's any family outing, I just need to check with hubby whether he has any appointment on that date, if not, good to go! :D So much easier now as full time mummy hahahahaha!!!

Anyway, for the rest of you who are still in the working world, use your leave wisely and enjoy it with your loved ones! :D


Mumzzy said...

haha funny! so nice lah ur life... relaxing :) sigh i got those monday blues again

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mumzzy, now nice la.. last time during working time I'm also like you. Monday come, looking forward to weekend. Saturday come, dreading Monday... :P


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