Friday, 23 October 2009

Walk like an Egyptian...

I think some of the lyrics in The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian" song applies to my situation now...

"Slide your feet up the street bend your back
Shift your arm then you pull it back
Life is hard you know (oh whey oh) "

Now why am I saying this? Hmmm... Hubby received an invitation few weeks ago to his client's (belated) Hari Raya Open House celebration which was held around the vicinity of KLCC (actually at Impiana Hotel & Spa). So he brought me along to the raya treat (since I have no chance to try any Raya dish/food this year!)

And of course, since its a Raya treat, I donned my baju kurung and high heels to match it. FYI, I have not been wearing any high heels since I quit my job in early June this year... so imagine... 4 months on after that and I'm suddenly wearing 3 inches high heel and walked quite a bit of a distance... Heck, actually when you are wearing high heels, any walking distance seems to be real far!
The raya treat started at 4pm and ended at 6pm and since its around KLCC, the area started to have massive traffic jams from 5pm onwards. So, at 6pm, hubby and I decided to go to KLCC and wait out the traffic jam by shopping instead.

So, walking to KLCC is through the KLCC Convention center, then through the underground parking between the Convention Center and KLCC, then only we reached KLCC.

There, we went to Kinokuniya and Toys'r Us and bought Ben a fluffy hammer soft toy.

Then I treated myself to a RM1.05 Burger King's ice cream cone (OK, I treated myself with hubby's money hahahah!). And we walked back the same route to our parking at Etiqa (used to be MNI) Twins, right next to Impiana Hotel. About 15 mins each walk (which seems like 1 hour with me in high heels)

As we were heading back to where we parked our cars at 7pm+, the traffic jam is still the same, moving quite slowly... so I took out my camera to snap some pictures of the KLCC Twin Towers and of course, I snapped my high heels.

Didn't snap in details cos hubby was going "Aiyor... sua ku-nya....". Actually I completed his sentence of sua-ku before he managed to finish it... hahahaha... yes, yes, I am such a sua-ku...

* Note: I think sua-ku means something like a hermit or someone who has never seen the world, been living under a cave or something lah! :P

These are the pictures I managed to take of the Twin Towers from where I was standing at.

With all the cars' drivers and passengers who are stuck in the traffic jam staring at me.

Not only that I, a Chinese look kinda weird wearing a baju kurung (on a Thursday night), I am also standing there in all my sua-ku-ness busily snapping pictures of the Twin Towers..., not to forget of my high heels too... hahahaha!!

I think if I'm not wearing a baju kurung, I might get away with ppl thinking that I'm a tourist... but nah... let ppl think what they want.

So anyway, back to my blog title... yeah... after the ordeal of walking 15 mins each to and fro, I repeat, in my 3 inches high heel, again I repeat, 4 months post hanging up the office clothes and attire... I am done...

My toes are aching... places on my toes which I have no idea can cause pain are showing their existence to me...

I practically had to drag my feet and every chance I get to stop for a while, I'd take out my feet and flex my toes...

The pain... whoa.... I consoled myself with the thoughts of being able to get a toy for Ben and of the delicious food I had earlier... (9 roti jala, smal pieces of lemang, ketupat, fruits and desserts...)

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Mumzzy said...

9 roti jala! You are "AMAZING" hahaa...


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