Friday, 30 October 2009

Ten.... Ten... Ten.... Ten..... (drum rolls please... )

About 1 week ago I was blogging about Benjamin's weight ("He Ain't Heavy"). And the last I weighed him, he was almost touching 10kg, that was about when he was 7mths old.

I just weighed Benjamin on our Ikea weighing scale. Look at the picture above... he was so fascinated at the weighing machine, sit quietly let mummy take pictures hahahahah...!!

So, drum rolls please.... ten, ten, ten, ten....

It's official!

10kg now...Benjamin is 10kg now!

I am officially carrying an equivalent bag of rice with me - for now... :P

(And just to add a note, the diaper he is wearing is still brand new - just changed not long before weighing him, so no added artificial weight yah! :P)


Mumzzy said...

wah!!! 10KG! my parents are complaining Eve's too did u manage to make him so cute and chuu beee...i need to fatten Eve!

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

My cousin's son who is 1 mth younger than Ben is weighing 9.8kg now... I think overfeeding cos he's on formula. Read on the Net that babies on formula tends to be overweight cos they are not in control of the intake whereas babies on breastfeeding can control their intake, they stop when they are full.

But on the other hand, my close fren's daughter who is 2 mths older than Ben weighs 9kg only, and still part breastfeed, part formula, part solids.

Eve doesn't look thin la.. cannot compare, different babies, different wan lah.. Most important is they are healthy! :D

Anonymous said...

7 months and 10kg? Wow, breastmilk is doing good for Ben! My friend recently gave birth to a 4kg baby and in just a month's time, the baby is now 5.2kg! He's on formula though.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Wah! 4kg baby!!! Crazy man! Respect respect!! :)

Why not breastfeeding leh? Aiyor.... :(


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