Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My lunch outing at Carcosa Seri Negara...

My iSeries (formerly known as AS/400) sifu from UK came down to KL with his girl friend (21-23 Sept) and we went out to meet them for lunch.

I met John long time ago, about 8 years ago, back when I first started working in IT line and was going through the website and I posed some questions to him (he was one of the iSeries experts) and from then on, we exchanged emails and became friends.

He and Dian (his girl friend) touched down in KL on 21st Sept 09 around 8pm, so we decided to meet the next day for lunch at Berjaya Times Square. Treat them to a sumptuous dim sum meal at Dynasty Dragon restaurant and we brought Ben along as well. Didn't take much pictures cos we were busy eating and talking and at one point, I had to go away to nurse Ben (there's only 1 baby room in BTS, which is on the 3rd floor at the other end of the restaurant)

After the lunch, John asked us out again for another lunch before they fly back to Jakarta where Dian works and stays. So, today (23/09/09) we met at Carcosa Seri Negara (click at Carcosa Seri Negara KL). It was a lovely lovely place and we had our lunch at The Dining Room.

I didn't managed to take the starter & main course pictures (a bit shy lah! :P), anyway below are the desserts we had:
I had this super yummy white chocolate dessert.

Hubby had "Cheese Platter". I was too engrossed with my white chocolate dessert, forgot to try hubby's desserts... aiiiiiiikkkkssss...

The lovely view in The Dining Room...

Me taking picture of John, who is busily taking pictures of me taking pictures of the desserts... hahahaha...

I would just like to thank John for the lunch treat and I hope that he & Dian had a great time down in KL. :D

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