Thursday, 17 September 2009

What's in a name?

Was reading this article from Star online on "Name Tag" - of course, being a parent, I'd go straight to the list and scout for my baby's name hahahaha...especially seeing the first category was the naughtiest names list... wouldn't want my son's name to be in that list! hahahahaha :P

Of course, jokes aside, when we were thinking up a name for our baby boy, we are not even looking into any top list or following any trend or celebrity (honest!).

Hubby wanted a name with 3 syllables, don't want common name (like Christoper, Jonathan, William etc), don't want names with funny short nicknames (like Pete for Peter, Bill or Willie for William etc), so we ended up with 3 options: Benjamin, Nathaniel or 1 more which I can't remember now (suggested by our Aussie cousin)

In the end, we opted for Benjamin, not too common, and its' short name can be Ben (I'd strangle anyone who called him Benji :P) and has a biblical meaning to it - "son of the right hand" :)

Of course initially, we get people who will tell us "But Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin u know?!!!" Then hubby would replied by saying, "If we avoided a name just because someone died giving birth to that person with that name, then a lot of names have to be avoided already. "

And I would wonder, why so superstitious and believe in all this nonsense thing?! Benjamin is a good name, and we're glad we chose that name.

We hope Ben would live up to this name, to be the son of God's right hand, do things in His favour and pleasing to His eyes, live up to be a God fearing and God loving child and bring joy to the people who meet him and serve as an example of Christian living. (fyi, this is my prayer for Ben ever since I'm pregnant with him)

Enjoy the article below from Dilbert on names:


Mumzzy said...

ya i saw that too. Ben's a nice name...Ben is also name of a song :) for me, my CG leader advised me to pray for a name, and from that i've found my baby Eve.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Ya... my Ben is always running here n thereeeeeee (quote from the song hahahaha)

Eve Lyn is a nice & unique name too! :)


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