Saturday, 12 September 2009

My phobia...

OK, I told someone (you know who you are.. ) that I will blog about my phobia... I am absolutely terrified on being stalked or that strangers know about my personal details. Like where I stay, how I look like (well, thank God I am not a celebrity... :P)

I have and is still a very-very trusting person, easily can trust someone and can tell anything they asked of me (can say I'm naive and stupid also :( )

So, now, I tried my best not to participate contests simply (unless its valid company organizing it), try not to simply put my personal email address online, or any personal particulars online, even tried not to post much of my & family photos online - yeah yeah, I am such a freak whatever...

Anyway, what happened was this incident long long ago....

When : One fine afternoon, when I'm in my teens (around 13-14)
Where: My old government flat in Cheras
Who : Me... alone at home... dad at work, brother at work, mum away for grocery shopping
Event : The house phone rang and I picked up enthusiastically. Conversations goes something like below (after translation as it is originally in Malay)
(** Note: MG = Malay Guy on the other end of the conversation)

Me: Hello...

MG: Can I speak to your dad?

Me: My dad's still at work.

MG: How about your mum?

Me: She's out shopping.

MG: So you are home alone?

Me: err... ya... who is this?

MG: I'm your father's friend.

Me: If you're my dad's friend, how come you don't know he's at work?

MG: I'm just asking. So now, no one is at home but you?

Me: ..... (in my mind, :Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!!)

MG: I know where is your place. I'll come look for you now, you wait for me. I come and ****** you (Note: ****** is a Malay word which actually meant masturbate / sexually harrassed or something)

Me: NO NO NO! My dad is coming back. My mum also is coming back. Don't come!

And then the Malay guy hung up... leaving me scared sh*tless, fearing for my life... and there's still like 1 hour+ to go before any of my family member is back...

So I did the most sensible thing I could think of... (at the tender age of 13-14...)...

I sat next to the locked door with a big knife, clutching it and getting ready to slash the Malay guy if he ever did come to my house... and I sat there till my mum came home an hour later... obviously shocked at seeing me clutching a big knife....


Mark said...

Ahaha, nice pictures!

Oddly enough, freaks on the phone are really REALLY common in Malaysia!

And that episode couldn't have been avoided anyway, it's not like you gave him your name or address or anything. =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

I think the fella got our number from the Yellow pages... when you are young and naive and got scared sh*tless of some strangers who know you are home alone and said they are coming for you, you will think of the scariest thing ever maaa... Thank God he doesn't have our address!

nathan said...

Maybe it's because you're trusting that you have this phobia, coz you're scared that your trusting nature will be taken advantage of, like it's been before? Hope blogging it out helps to dampen some of the traumatic experience.

Indeed cool pictures!

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

I don't think so Nathan. I just trust ppl easily and couldn't have been conned at such a young age prior to this incident hahaha...

Glad you like the pictures! I like Simpsons! :D

Mark said...

Everybody loves the Simpsons!


Mumzzy said...

hahaa! i like the pix!


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