Monday, 14 September 2009

Performance Appraisal...

Heck... woke up this morning with an incomplete dream of me in the midst of a performance appraisal session. It was obviously a dream because:
  • the person appraising me was my primary school teacher
  • I was told to stand up in front of everyone (I presume that would be in the classroom) and say out loud all my KPIs for the year and my accomplishments and all
  • I actually wrote "Participated in a Jogathon" - to which someone in the dream classroom objected saying it should not be included inside - to which I retaliated with "Its something out of my jobscope which I volunteered in to promote our company's image".... anyone who knows me will know I'd never participate in any sports... not since standard 6 after I broke my right arms 3 times (that would be another story in a future blog post if I can remember to blog this down)
I was actually holding a stack of the printouts listing my KPIs and my achievements and was about to hear what my primary school teacher said (who coincidentally was the teacher who sent me to hospital after I broke my right arm back in Std 6) when my handphone rang... bahhhhhhhhhhh....

Anyway, dreams aside. Just to share on some of my & ex-colleagues' past performance appraisal experiences. Some bosses will give you a template and ask you to fill up your accomplishments and your score, while some bosses will fill up everything, even the scores and forward you a copy and to review and revert if you don't agree with their appraisal scores.

So far, mine has been the "give you a template and ask you to fill up your accomplishments and your score" which I will also include in my joblogs which I recorded all the things I've done for the year (as a proof cos 1 ex-boss actually challenged me to provide such documents to prove my work which I gladly did and for that I got additional 1.5 points to my KPI)

Then during the appraisal session, me & my ex-boss will be sitting in a discussion room and review each KPI and feedback and debate out the scores. I have heard of "the company don't allow point 5 type of scores. It's either 3 or 4, no 3.5 one...", "if this year you think you deserve a 4 for this KPI then be mindful that next year you need to achieve higher than 4 (note that 5 is the max and we can't put in 4.5 and if I put in a 5 that would mean I'm a superwoman)

If only we could appraise our own bosses... wonder how they would be?

But that is better than this type of bosses:

I'm glad I don't have to go through this KPI process now that I'm a full time mummy... but I do miss the bonuses that resulted from the appraisal. But then, with the economic downturn at these times, companies have been forced to cut cost in every possible ways they can think of.

Anyway, nothing can beat the experiences to be with your child watching him grow up and discover new things every day. :D


Mumzzy said...

Wahahaahaaa...dreaming of Jogathon? funny la. Usually my dreams are always about sitting for exams, and me forgetting to prepare for it. oh, I love dilbert !

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mumzzy, dreaming of performance appraisal and highlighting my participation in a Jogathon as one of the KPI I've achieved for the year (maybe brain unconsciously trying to tell me I need exercise? :P)

I love Dilbert too! Got 2 of his books hahahah...


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