Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Our Melaka family trip...

Just got back from a 3D 2N family trip to Melaka - A Famosa Resort. We went in 2 cars, total5 adults, 2 kids and 1 baby.

The stuff we lug to and back...

- Ben's PetPet diapers
- Our clothes for 3D 2N
- Ben's tao-tao
- Ben's play gym toy
- Ben's travel bag (diapers, nappy cloth, spare clothes, socks, hankies)
- Snacks, swimsuits, towels
(Not in picture - Ben's bath tub, baby sling carrier)

We started our journey after lunch at brother in law's house from Puchong at 1pm and reached Melaka A Famosa resort at 10minutes to 3pm. Ben was sleeping throughout the journey and when hubby was at the villa reception to handle the check-in procedures, I took Ben out of his car seat and saw his back imprinted with his shirt's pattern... poor boy!! :P

The villa, comes with 4 bedrooms and a swimming pool. A 3D 2N trip in total costs us RM1376/=. Not bad considering each of us paid about RM460 for the trip. I think its worth it! :D

And each bedroom comes with 2 sets of breakfast at the Lake View restaurant which we went on the 2nd day.

Living room - the TV a bit small, came with few Astro channels such as CineMax, Disney, Wah Lai Toi, and the standard channel 1-3. Mostly, the kids were using it for their WII anyway...

The view of the pool right outside our villa. The villa reception was just filling up our pool when we arrived. :D

OK, we cannot expect the pool to be Olympic size pool but it's nice and able to fit all of us in it, so no complains... :D

Ben in his walker, checking out our room.

Our bed, with Ben's play gym all ready for him. Don't quite recall him using it during the trip though... hahahah...

Anyway, the bed with King Koil mattress was comfortable, sturdy and firm. Reminds me of our old bed setup before we dismantled and lower down our bed... sob sob sob...

On the 1st night, we went to the Cowboy town for the carnival show and fireworks display.

Despite dozing off minutes after the carnival show began and waking up minutes after the firework display, my dearest Benjamin still gave a thumbs-up for the memorable night... hahahaha!!

My brother and sister in laws were amazed that Ben could sleep through the racket of sounds throughout the carnival and fireworks. Well, when its time for Ben to sleep, he doesn't care how noisy or quiet it is.. he just dozes off right there and then... Attaboy!! :D

Ben just woke up after the fireworks display and everyone was rushing out to catch the 4D theater movie which we didn't join in.

We were just waiting for the crowd to disperse so that we don't have to mingle and be in close contact with them.

One of the many monitor lizards we saw along the Melaka river. We also went and sat in the river boat cruise.

We tried this cendol right opposite the red church. (oh heck, can't recall the name... :P )

RM7 for 5 bowls of cendol. Yummy!

Hubby with Ben in tow and brother in law with his son on his shoulder.

OK, enough photos for now... we also went to the big ship and toured inside (nice cooling air-cond!), went to Jonker street to get pineapples tart and egg tarts and had chicken rice balls. Other than that, went back to the villa and splash around in the pool.

All in all, it was a refreshing and relaxing trip. Can't wait for the next one! :)


Mumzzy said...

so fun! Ben has big beautiful eyes :)

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Thx Mumzzy! He got his eyes from me hehehe... the rest I cannot take credits :(

Mumzzy said...

imafulltimemummy: nice! haven't seen you in pix b4 have to imagine how u look like :)
can share how was ur breastfeeding experience like when u went outstation?

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Don't dare to post my pics on the Net la. Even Ben's pics also abit selective. (my phobias of stalkers & kidnappers I guess..)

One good thing about breastfeeding is, the milk is ready at all times. But that doesn't mean you are. No kidding... at one point when we were in the boat cruise along the Melaka river, it was kinda hot and Ben started to fuss.

That's the first lesson we learnt. To bring along a small bottle of water.

As I'm still breastfeeding Ben exclusively, I didn't think that its necessary to let Ben drink plain water but I think it might help in those weather to cool him down and I can't breastfeed him there and then even though I wanted to cos the boat is packed with ppl and everyone is looking at us (cos Ben is fussing - not crying at all, just making fussing noises)

Other than that, I'm pretty blessed cos Ben is a real good boy! No trouble at all other than that 1 episode on the river cruise :D


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