Saturday, 26 September 2009


I am such a McDonald's fan :D

From school time (every Friday after school, I'll be at McD Jln Silang, KL with my best friends to study and hang around while waiting for bus home) to working part-time after college (joining the crowd to buy those Snoopy, McTeddy whatever toys that comes out every week so that I could buy it and give it to my niece), to working full-time (still buying toys that comes out every week for my then 2 nieces), to being pregnant with Ben (eating 2 McD value meal sets + choc sundae every time) to now... a full-time mummy (sort of as a treat)

Came across this article on the "
Unusual Items from McDonald's International Menu", below are some of the excerpts of the items that I too, find unusual... hahaha...enjoy!

Vegemite In many countries around the world, breakfast starts with spreading something on toast. For many Americans, it's peanut butter or jelly, but not both. That's lunch. For Europeans, it's often Nutella. And for Australians, it's Vegemite. Vegemite was invented in Australia. Made from the extract left over after yeast make beer, the stuff is salty and the color of shoe polish. But Vegemite is packed with vitamin B and is often one of Australian children's first solid foods. At McDonald's, you can order Vegemite with your English muffin. Oddly enough, Australian Happy Meals don't include Vegemite. Instead, they serve something called the Pasta Zoo. No koalas or kangaroos here, just vegetable and cheese ravioli in the shape of zoo animals, served with a side of "Zoo Goo," made of tomato, fructose, thickener, vegetable powder, animal fat, coloring, preservative, vegetable gum and more. We'll take the yeast.

The McVeggie (I would definitely not touch this with a 10 feet long pole since I don't eat veggie hahahaha...!) Where's the beef? You'll soon notice there are no beef burgers at McDonald's in India. For Hindus, who make up about 80 percent of Indians, killing cows and eating beef are against religious rules. But in McDonald's, as in the rest of India, that makes room for plenty of vegetarian food. You can try the McVeggie -- a rice, bean and vegetable patty that McDonald's treats predictably with breading -- or the McAloo Tikki -- a potato-vegetable burger.

Spinach and Parmesan Cheese McNuggets Italian flavors infuse even the McNuggets in Italy. At McDonald's, you can order nuggets stuffed with spinach and Parmesan cheese, a limited promotional item. The dessert menu, too, sounds a little like an Italian bakery's. You'll find cake slices dusted with powdered sugar, not frosting, which is an authentic Italian treatment. The cakes are carrot and peach, but also torta della nonna, a Tuscan cheese tart, and torta caprese, a chocolate and nut cake that was born on the island of Capri.

If you eat breakfast at a Mexican McDonald's, you'll notice one item that has no equivalent on the U.S. menu: molletes, or rather, McMolletes. These are three English muffins, each topped with refried beans, white American cheese and a little salsa. If you fold two of them together and wonder who forgot the top to your other bean McMuffin, you're missing the point. Molletes are supposed to be open-faced. But traditional molletes, unlike McDonald's, don't include English muffins. The bread is traditionally a bolillo, a homemade roll that's crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, and is better at soaking up sauce than the muffins used in McDonald's trademarked egg sandwich. In addition, instead of processed American cheese, the cheese is typically a fresher white cheese like Monterey Jack. For the sweet rather than savory types out there, you can also find "dulce" molletes, but so far McDonald's hasn't added them to its menu in Mexico or elsewhere.

Hmm... interesting! Bon app├ętit!! :D


Mark said...

I thought you say cannot mention major brands, or get sued? =-P

I love the local McDonald's flavours, as well as the seasonal ones.

Like Malaysia has Prosperity Burger, Samurai Burger, and a super delicious curry sauce. XD

Australia had an "Egg and beef" burger, or something like that, yummy. The also had one with beetroot, bluek!

UK, big on sandwiches, so they have a different sandwich everyday.

Sucks =-P All 90% the same, just change small detail, like sauce, or sesame seeds or whatever, zzz =-Ps


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

If you criticize them, then cannot mention names la... but I am not maaa... I am just mentioning the unusual menus McD have around the world maaaa :D (plus I am their fans wat... )

Mumzzy said...

My fav is Chic Mc Deluxe and oreos mc flurry! :)

And not to mention their delicious porridge and choc sunday....i love licking up the chocolate part!


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