Friday, 4 September 2009


I can't wait to see this movie! Having more than 10 years experience in rearing guinea pigs (since I was 15 years old) I'd love to see how real the animations are this time compared to the real thing!

My dad bought me my 1st guinea pig after the death of 2 hamsters (ok, I'm not good in taking care of hamsters, plus I don't really like hamster anyway :P). My 1st guinea pig was Fa Lui (means Flower Girl for the different fur colours she got) and after about 2 weeks, my dad bought a male guinea pig to be Fa Lui's companion which I named Fa Cai (Flower Boy)

I had more time then as it was just after exams so I trained up both the guinea pigs. They would crawl up after me everywhere in the house - kitchen, balcony, my bedroom, living room and we let them out every night to wander around. They would sleep 4 legs facing up on my tummy. They eat everything I eat - rice, noodles, fruits, roti canai...

And then they start to breed. In 2 months time, we welcomed FaFa and FiFi (I don't know what's with me by naming them all with the letter F...) Right after birth, Fa Lui licked her babies clean and they could already move around and had fur and can see (unlike hamster). Then the brood expanded... we had:
  • Fa Lui & Fa Cai
  • FaFa & FiFi
  • FoFo & FuFu
  • FlimFlim & FlamFlam
  • FlomFlom (aka Panda boy cos it has black and white fur only) & FlumFlum
  • FlipFlip & FlapFlap
  • FlopFlop & FlupFlup
  • FlutFlut & FlitFlit
I can't recall the rest but at one point we actually have 24 guinea pigs in our house! As we were staying in government flat, my dad had to sell away some of them (not enough space and their food is getting pricey!) We sold off 6 of them for RM36 then.

The rest lived until they died of old age - around 4-5 years old. My last guinea pig was Benji (kinda inspired my baby Benjamin's name hahaha...). Benji was about 4 years old when it died early June this year.

I no longer rear guinea pigs now since I'm pretty occupied with my own baby but I do miss the times I had with my guinea pigs. I hope they are all happy in heaven with my dad & mum.. :D

Anyway, picture below from the movie...


Wei Yun said...

Jenny, you are one interesting lady lah.... :-)

I'm impressed again and again by you lah....

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Huh... what? what? what did i do this time?

Mark said...

Ooh, I had guinea pigs too!

I can't believe you let them run around the house. Especially when there's so many of them! No wonder you're not afraid of pee n poo. =-P

2 things I remember about my guinea pigs:
i) Did not enjoy being checked for gender. I held it in my hands, it's tummy facing up, and it did a super-sit-up and just bit me on my finger! Blood! T.T
ii) Guinea pigs can pee like dogs. -.- This means they can lift their leg and wheeee, spray out of their cage. My floor still has the stains. =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...


It was a supervised house tour back then. I don't let them roam around without my observation. I used to stay on the 15th floor in the flat - wouldn't want to have any guinea pigs jumping off my balcony ok? :P

Surprisingly, the only time my guinea pigs bit me was when they were super excited and hungry for food. Other than that, they pretty much licked my fingers and hands. :D

My guinea pig don't pee like dogs. Are you sure you are rearing guinea pigs and not some blood sucking dog pissing animals?? :D

Mark said...

Wei, what blood sucking dog peeing animals! Guinea pigs lah!

Very principled as well, they only "had one family". In the end, left the mother and the daughter. When the daughter passed on, the mother refused to eat and soon followed after. =-P

Yours sound more vicious lah! I've only ever been bitten the once, but yours simply lash out at everything when it's feeding time. o.O


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hahaha... I miss my guinea pigs... I used to have a scrapbook where I kept each of their fur (salotape some that fall off) and even their poop! hahaha... super gross... :P

hmmm... can't wait to see the movie!

Mark said...

That does sound really, REALLY gross. -.-"

I heard the movie's really good.

I'm a bit more outdated, I just finished watching Enchanted yesterday. =-P

Love that chipmunk! :)gr


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

More gross is IF I still keep that scrapbook! :P

I like Enchanted too! Kinda nice movie with songs that get stuck to you head which forces you to keep humming the song everywhere... bah...

Mark said...

And DO you keep it? ^_-

Yea, the songs were really catchy. Maybe it's all that Disney programming from young. I listen to rock music, but I still love bibbity bobbity and under the sea, hehe.

Didn't like the ending though. =-P
*Spoiler warning!*

Dragon cwimb up, dragon faw down. =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

No, I don't keep that scrapbook anymore.


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