Monday, 21 September 2009

Magical Moment... Ben's first stand & attempt to climb!

Wow... another milestone from Benjamin!

Next to our King size bed, we placed a single bed mattress in case Ben rolls off ours. So yesterday, he was playing on the single mattress and then he rolls to a sitting position and he pushed himself up, standing still (of course still holding on to the edge of the bigger bed but he did it all by himself) and when we placed one of his favourite toys on the bigger bed, he proceeds to climb up to the bigger bed.

After about few minutes of trying, up and butt shuffle, then adjusting his position again and then rolls back to sitting position we decided to stop it (scared he gets tired and also worried not good for his legs, too much exercise at such a young age not sure good or not.. )

Anyway, more to come, more to come!! :D


Mark said...

Every first is a magical moment huh?

Wait till he learns to run around screaming nonstop like the energizer bunny set on fire. :)


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Of course! Everything is a magical moment! Even his glorious golden dribbling poo! :D

Mumzzy said...

energizer bunny set on fire! haha nice description! :P

Jenny, it's good, let him exercise all he can. wah's really fast! mine's standing on her knees at the moment, with that posture, she gets to lick all sides of her bed cott...:P

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mumzzy, u know old folks ar... they say don't let the babies stand (or learn to walk) so fast. Not good wor... But when ask why not good, they say 'Not good la, why ask so much?'

Mark said...

Have to fight against such archaic mentality!!! =-P

Dispose of the "Cz it happened to me" parenting style!

"When I was young, my parents did bla bla bla, so even though it's obviously harming the child, I'll just do it. Because lah, why ask so much?"


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

when Ben is with us, i let him do whatever he wants, climb, crawl, stand... must give them freedom to do things they want. :)


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