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Gross stuff found in food & drinks...

I suddenly remembered back some old memories of having discovered (and ermm… ewwwww… eaten) some weird and gross stuff in my food and drinks long-long ago… I figured I just gotta blog this down and see whether how many more people have encountered this before and wondered whether they might have better or worse experiences than me… :P


Gross story #1:
This happened long ago back when I first started out dating with my then boyfriend (and now hubby), David. I was working part-time at a shopping center as a sales promoter and he was in his 1st year college at KDU.

He will occasionally drop by to accompany me for lunch after his classes and one of our favorite lunch spot was at “Spices” - then a small sized air-conditioned food court at the top floor of Sungei Wang mall. (This food court has been closed down several years ago and was replaced by another restaurant)

So anyhow, we will always be buying this ever-delicious chicken rice from this corner stall managed by an elderly husband and wife (about 40-ish). I guess we would’ve been eating that chicken rice meals for like half a year or more when one fine day, a gross discovery of something in the chicken rice turned both of us totally OFF forever from that stall…

On that fine day, we could still remember blissfully munching our chicken rice chatting happily when I was down to my last spoonful of rice of that oh-so-delicious chicken rice and saw to my horror… a dead (not that it matters whether alive or dead) baby cockroach strategically positioned to flaunt its body right at the top of that small remaining heap of rice in the spoon that I’m holding…

And I was starting to feel grossed out that I had to find this out right when I’m down to my last spoonful of rice… and then I was thinking, this spoonful of rice came along with other spoonfuls and bowlfuls and platefuls of rice…and I stared straight to the chickens that were left, looked slowly up at David who then looked at me strangely (cos I’m just like holding the spoon with a totally grossed out look) and he looked down at my spoon and realized what caused my grotesque face… and dropped his spoon and we both just sat in silence…

After we both snapped out of our stunned encounter, we went to the chicken rice stall holding the plate with the remaining spoonful of rice and that baby cockroach and told the auntie about our discovery and all she could do was looked at the baby cockroach and told us “Oh… this is normal… how can we be able filter all this? u see our big pot of rice (showing us their big rice pot which grossed me out more!) I give you another plate of chicken & rice ok?” we just told her no thanks cos we were down to that last spoon of rice and walked away from the place and not been there anymore…

Gross story #2:
This happened back when I was working around Bukit Bintang area and my juniors (I used to train a batch of fresh grads in AS400) and I will often be lunching all around the area scouting for cheap food to save some money. Back then, most of us were working as contract programmer and while waiting for projects to come in, we will be going to office as normal doing office work and practicing with more programming exercises.

So one day, a group of us decided to go down to this famous chicken rice shop (what have I done wrong to chicken rice?!!!) which was located along the Jalan Imbi stretch. It was those old house turned into shop type of set up and it was really popular judging by the fact that everyday during lunch, the place will be jam-packed with ppl waiting for their turns to be served.

Some have to wait for a while to get empty seats and we managed to get some place in the shop and proceeded to order the ever famous chicken rice.

Now, this happened to one of my junior who was down to his last few bites of rice and discovered something in his rice. I was sitting next to him and happened to glance at his plate and saw him pondering about something. So I asked him what’s wrong and he showed me his spoonful of rice.

I saw some whitish thing on some of the rice grains. I was thinking maybe it was those rice grain that were not properly washed and cooked and hence still look white and sort of uncooked… I was about to tell him to stop being so scared of stupid things when that whitish thing MOVED…yeah, u hear me right… it moved and wiggled slowly

Then we both stopped and went ewwwwwwwwwwwww…it was MAGGOTS of course!! He threw the rice to the floor and stepped on it… we stopped eating and waited for the rest to finish theirs. We didn’t tell them what happened… I mean, we paid RM5 for each plate of the chicken rice and couldn’t bring ourselves to spoil their mood and we didn’t want to cause a ruckus…

It was years later that I went to eat at the shop again, of course, eating slowly after quality checking every spoonful of rice… it was still delicious and jam-packed though… :P

Gross story # 3:
This happened last year when i accompanied my mum for her monthly medical check-up at one of the government hospital pharmacy outlet. The appointment was for 2.30pm and we arrived earlier than expected and decided to have lunch 1st. We ordered our foods and drinks. Mum had asam laksa and barley drinks while i had curry noodle and my favorite drinks, Milo ice.

I was sipping my Milo happily watching mum eating her noodles when i felt something in my mouth. Too darn lazy to take it out to have a closer look, i just used my tongue trying to 'catch' the thing in my mouth. It felt like barley skin and i was giggling to myself thinking 'hah! I get extra stuff in my drinks... not only am i drinking Milo ice, i also gets to eat barley which is what mum was drinking'.

I chewed and chewed at the 'barley skin' and still the texture and shape remained unchanged. It felt kinda strange as i would believe by now, the 'barley skin' would've been shredded to pieces by my relentless chewing.

Reluctantly, i spat out the 'barley skin' to my palm and to my horror (and trying my best to keep my puke down) i saw that in fact it was not 'barley skin' at all... nothing close to it... what it was, well, totally turned me off Milo ice for at least half a year (even now when i tried to order Milo ice, i would remember back this incident...)

So anyway, that 'barley skin' was in fact an EMPTY COCKROACH EGG POUCH... u heard me right... a cockcroach egg pouch... so freaking gross... even if it was empty, it once housed hundreds of baby cockroaches!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... total horror!!!!

From that day onwards for at least half a year, i ordered drinks that are transparent and easy to see the contents for fear of having chew something like this again...


fabulous28 said...

ewww...yucks! that is one of the reason my hubby refuse to eat out often.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi fabulous28!

hahaha.. sometimes foods we bought (like canned or packed foods) also has gross stuff in it... for me is, if I don't see it, then I'm ok with it :P

Mark said...

Yick! =-P

So by that logic, you can't have anything with rice? Or even eat anywhere outside, aaaah!

I really really love claypot chicken rice. But it's like everytime go out also, you get the "crunchy surprise", there's always flies and roaches inside!

Best is sometimes the shop uncle will insist that it's not a fly, but just tau geh. >.<


Mark said...

Ish, I just had some yummy porridge, which had those "unbroken" rice or whatever you call it, those with the skin on I think. -.-

Se eventhough it was yummy, kept thinking about your post, especially when can feel the rice skins, which look like those flying ants...cockroach egg sacks...maggots, etc -.-"

Maybe I better pay more attention to your "read at own risk" warnings next time. =-P


I'm a full-time mummy... said...


I think I could deal with dead insects... but that cockroach egg pouch thing... dead or alive... it once houses tons of baby roaches inside.... ewwwwwwwwww...

Mark said...

Think about how nutritious they were for you! =)


Mumzzy said...

hahaa...funny! but of course if im the one who 'kena' different story lah. i always feel scared eating vege especially from the outside stalls. My phobia is that they forgot to clean the insides of the leaves...that i might be accidentally chewing on a bug.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...


Those bugs & worms in vegie & fruits are normal la... if dun have the more you should be scared (cos it means they used pesticides so no insects & bugs)!


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