Thursday, 12 November 2009

I've Been Eating Like a Hippo...

and still look as thin as a stick...

Heck, I was out today accompanying hubby (with Ben along of course) to visit his friend's 2 weeks old baby boy and his wife commented to me saying that I'm thinner than before I got pregnant... Bah....

I'm not sure whether its because of me still breastfeeding Ben exclusively or that I'm losing more weight because I've been taking care of Ben full time?

I've been on a steady 45kg ever since I was 17 years old, no matter how much I eat and eat or fell sick or whatever... I will still go back to 45kg.

When I got pregnant early June last year, my 2nd gynae told us I had to maintain maximum 12kg weight throughout my pregnancy. Anything more than 12kg will require me to deliver Ben via Cesarean. As my body frame is small, gynae advised not to gain so much in order to increase/maintain chances to deliver naturally.

In my 2nd trimester, gynae said I've not gained enough weight and ordered hubby to force me to eat more. So I ate more, double portions, drank full cream milk, etc etc... Whenever I go to McDonalds, I'd ordered double sets of Mc Chicken meals (that is 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 soft drinks) + a chocolate sundae to finish it off (I made it sound like I'm in a kungfu fight or something! :P). I alternate soya drinks and fruits (mangoes or papayas) every day at work. I buy buns for tea time at work.

2 weeks before I delivered Ben, while having dinner with hubby at Ikea, I measured my ehem- waist with the Ikea paper measuring tape and I couldn't even bring both ends together.

My waist has exceeded the measurement scale... If I'm not wrong, Ikea's paper measuring tape is 40 inches long. So, I guess I should be around 41-42 inches by then.

And then by the end of my pregnancy, I gained a total of 11kg bringing my total weight to 56kg, which is just nice to deliver Ben naturally without any complications at all.

And after delivering Ben, I started my breastfeeding regime and within 10 days, I lost 7kg and since then has been steadily losing weight. When Ben turned 7 months old last month, I am back to my good ol' 45kg and maintaining it now. And I still eat like a hippo 8 months post delivery.

Nowadays at dinner time, just as I started my dinner, I was already planning what to eat for my supper after that. I eat double portion of my meals, heck, I eat more than my hubby. MIL sometimes just gawked with her mouth open. Of course, mostly she went "Wah! Hak Sei Yan ar Lei. Sik Kom Toh!!" (In English, "Wah! You scared ppl to death ar! Eat so much!") when I go back to kitchen to and fro for 2nd, 3rd helpings... :P

This was taken early this month during a family outing to a shopping mall to get books and toys for Ben.

Hubby and I had lunch at Carl's Jnr and I ordered the Crispy Chicken set. The burger is almost the size of Ben's head!

I'm not concern with my weight now that its back to 45kg.

I'm more worried on why am I looking thinner than before I got pregnant?

Where did my flesh go?

I thought so.... ;P


Wei Yun said...

Jenny, even more so, with you breastfeeding. Really burns calories fast!

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Yup... 8.5mths now... :D But I really do wish I can put on some flesh back on me... kinda look skeletal lah.. :(

Mark said...

A few years from now, you'll look back on this and wish you could still be saying that. ;)

Maybe you just need more time sleeping, instead of in front of the computer.

If really desperate, you could try what I used to do. Eat plain peanut butter! Morning and night, and if you can tahan, as many times during the day as possible. :)


I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Mark... yeah, I do think I don't have enough sleep. Nowadays when Ben naps, I nap with him too so where got time to go computer? :(

And I normally blog after Ben goes to sleep after midnight. Although I appear to be online whole day on Facebook and MSN, I'm not right in front of my computer the whole time cos Ben is getting very very active nowadays that I just don't have time long enough to type things :(

Plain peanut butter? Err... I think I should take something more nutritious cos I'm still breastfeeding Ben leh...


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