Monday, 9 November 2009

Baby Items Don'ts... Which We Did Used Anyway...

After blogging about "Baby Items to Depend On", I'm going to write about baby items DON'TS... which we end up using anyway :P So here goes...

Baby Spring Cot or hammocks (or what we in Malaysia called as "Sarung")

Why we use it?
* Babies love being rocked to sleep, plus the one we had (a hand-me-down from bro in law) had a motor to auto-rock the baby, saving us energy to rock our baby... hahahaha..
* Extra help to rock Ben to sleep while we do our own things. While I was serving my 1 month notice after tendering my resignation, hubby was the one who stayed at home to watch after Ben and he told me he had to use sarung, else he wouldn't be able to do his work.
* Peace of mind for a while when Ben is sleeping cos he ain't moving nowhere in that sarung...
* Baby's own weight pulls the fabric in around him, creating a snug cocoon- or womb-like environment (also mentioned in Baby Center article)

Why we were told NOT to use it? (as told by other parents and antenatal class trainer)
* Some babies love it so much that they had to sleep in it EVERYWHERE they go! So imagine having to lug a sarung everywhere! Worse, imagine if you place your child under a nanny, it means you have to get 2 sarung... one in your house, the other in nanny's house...
* According to Baby Center article again, "There is not enough support for the baby’s back and the baby’s shoulders are always hunched. Then there are the safety aspects: The risk of falling off is very real and sometimes the sarung can be rocked too vigorously."

What we did to minimize the danger risks?
* Ensure the distance between baby in sarung and the floor is appropriate, means when Ben is being rocked, we make sure its at least about 2 feet away from the floor.
* Place 2 sofa cushion underneath the sarong in case baby falls down, also, Chinese superstitions don't want the cold from the floor to go to baby.
* Place Ben on his back not the front.
* Only used the motor to rock Ben until he fell asleep, after which motor will be turned off so that he doesn't get addicted to being rocked in his sleep.

Note: We only use the sarung for maximum 3 months. Cos after 3 months, I had already quit my job and become full time mummy, so no need to rely on gadgets to rock my baby to sleep. Right now, our sarung is still in our room but has not been used since... Look at the pic of Ben in sarung, looks like a giant wrapped up tightly... hahahah...

Baby Walker...

Why we use it?
* To get Ben to start walking assisted and practise his leg muscles :P
* Freedom for Ben to wander and explore himself around the house instead of us holding him and carry him around.
* We had TWO hand-me-down walkers, one from bro in law which I used in our bedroom, the other from my brother bigger size a bit, which we put in living room.

Why we were told NOT to use it?
* Actually, come to think of it, no one told us NOT to use it. hahahahaha... just that I read in baby websites that they don't recommend parents using baby walkers.
* According to Baby Center article, "Putting a baby in a walker is like giving a teenager a Ferrari - a dangerous risk."

What we did to minimize the danger risks?
* Make sure anythings that are reacheable at the walker's level are removed - so that Ben did not get any chance to grab it.
* Make sure the walker are safely and tightly secured, not loose and wheels are working perfectly.
* Make sure if Ben is in the walker in our bedroom, the door is always closed so that he won't venture out and fall down the stairs.
* Must also give time for baby to exercise in other ways, such as crawling and tummy time so that he doesn't become too dependent on walkers and not be able to exercise.

Note: We started Ben with his walker when we brought him to his first baby-date (visit our close friend's whose daughter is 2 mths older than Ben) and we let him try the walker see whether he can maneuver or not. Since then, we found out Ben's back is strong enough and he seems to enjoy his new found freedom, so we decided to use the walkers passed to us.

We're still using the walker now (Ben is 8mths old already) and I'm now dreading the thoughts of Ben able to walk one of these day as that would mean I really have to watch Ben like an eagle 24 hours already... :P At least when Ben is in walker, I can still do my own things and check him every now and then. :P

You may not agree with me on using these baby items... but it works for us... and it has serves us well too! I'm not in any way promoting and saying it's a must have for your baby. Everything has pros and cons, just need to manage your risks well, correct? :P

Happy parenting! :D


Mumzzy said...

eve doesn't like the walker, in fact got scared of it was a hand me down,so i got rid of it :) and for the pacifier...she plays with it , takes it out, puts it back, takes it out...she knows the REAL thing lah...

and as for the sarong...going to start using it, after being hessitant for so long. cuz i'll be away, i need something to replace me when i'm away heee..i hope she will be fooled ! hahaa

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Huh... now only use? Hmm... better get her started earlier a bit la, suddenly all couped up in a sarung not fun for a baby wan leh... Ours already collecting dust after we last used when Ben was 3mths old (used during his daytime nap only somemore..).

I think if I dump Ben in the sarung now, he will either be so heavy that he can touch the floor or he'll squeal and fuss lah.. cos no more freedom to wander around like in walker... hahahaah..


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