Sunday, 8 November 2009

Day 3... Just a lil' bit more...

So fast time passed! It's past day 3 and now entering day 4... hubby is coming back tonight... but by the time he reached KLIA should be near midnight. :(

Have been quite busy today, mostly recovering back some sleep time as I was up till 2am+ the night before and woke up at 9am today. So practically just played with Ben, off and on checking Facebook and my emails and some baby forum and then feed Ben. When it was his nap time, I sleep with him. Surprisingly, he slept more than 1 hour every time I nap with him, compared to the usual exact 30 minutes he takes every time he had his day time nap before this. Probably cos I'm sleeping next to him and there's body warmth near him, so he feels more at ease and comfortable and sleep longer?

At night time, I cut some papaya chunks and gave Ben through the Baby Food Feeder. As usual, Ben sucks and munch on it until it was just left the pieces / shreds of papaya bits and pieces. MIL again repeated her statement that it was worth my money spent on buying the food feeder since Ben loves it so much. (I had to note this down since MIL don't usually say anything we bought is worth buying as she's the type of person who reuse, recycle and repair stuff until no choice then only buy...)

I won't be writing any longer for now... Has just gotten Ben to sleep and I'll be following him after this... looking forward to day 4 now... :)

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