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Baby Items to Depend On...

This post is about the baby items which we had depended on the moment Ben was born early March this year and some of which are still in use today. I will note down why we decided to use it, how beneficial it is to us and whatever that comes to mind...

And before I begin, please note that I did not received any $ or sponsorship from any of these brands and in no way trying to promote their brands (now if only they pay me $ for this hehehe...), just want to share with you guys on the items we find useful and helpful throughout our journey in parenthood...

#1 - Mamy Poko Newborn baby diapers
We have been warned by other who have been-there done-that parents that some babies are so sensitive to the diapers they used that the parents had to try a few brands before finally settling down to the most suitable type for their babies.

For us, after checking around the feedback and price of different types of diapers in the market, we settled for Mamy Poko Newborn diapers.

It's one of the costlier diapers around but we have no regrets in choosing it because it has this contoured waistline, if you notice in the picture, the front part just below the belly button was a bit lower - this is to so that it doesn't come into contact with the newborn's healing umbilical cord (which in normal case would still have about 1 inch+ with the clip hanging out waiting to dry and fall out by itself) During our time, there are not many brands for newborn with features such as this.

#2 - Bepanthen Ointment for nappy rash
This item we bought few months before I delivered. We have heard from our family members that nappy rash occurred when it is already too late - means, baby's bottom has been in contact too much and too long with the damp/dirty diaper and rash breaks out.. by then kinda late to look for healing ointment. Our brother in law recommended another brand to us, sorry couldn't remember the brand now... :P

Then we attended the antenatal class and the trainer recommended the Bepanthen brand among few others (such as Papaw ointment) and said we can use this cream every time we changed baby's diaper, to keep it oily so that the poo and piss doesn't stick to baby's bottom and we were also told to change diaper ASAP and not let baby use the diaper for long if its already been stained with poo and piss.

I'm proud to annouce that we only use the Bepanthen for maximum 2mths... throughout which there has never been any incidents of nappy rash at all, this is because we prevent before it even has the chance to occurs! And nursing mums, you can also use this cream on your nipples if you have nipple crack or any sore/dry/chapped skins.

#3- Baby's Bath Tub
I'm sorry I don't know what brand and how much it is cos the one we are using even until now is a hand-me-down from my brother in-law (used until his son turns 3 years old!).

It has a blue non-slip plastic layer which you hooked onto the bigger tub if you decides to bath your baby while he/she lie on the blue layer.

You can lower down the blue layer to 45 degrees when you want to immerse your baby in deeper water. Or you can take out the blue layer altogether and let your baby sit on it (of course this is only when your baby is able to sit by himself)

#4- What to Expect the First Year baby guide book for new parents
We got this book a month before I delivered and I had the "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" book as well.

We went to a few bookshops before we finally managed to find this cover version. (There's some other edition with drawn illustration which I don't like as I wanted real baby pictures! :P)

Picture shown is of Ben at less than 1 mth old, sleeping next to the book. I noticed the resemblance so quickly called hubby to see and we took this picture as memories :D

Anyway, that's all for now... more items to be featured in the next post when I come to blogging about it. Enjoy your parenthood and do share if you have any baby items which you depend on as well! :)

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