Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Full time mummy is on MC...

Yeap... barely a few days after this full time mummy burnt her fingers in a cooking incident, she is down again - with food poisoning.

It started yesterday morning, woke up as usual, remembered telling hubby I don't feel well and as if I'm having stomach cramps (gastric-like). Hubby suggested we all go out for breakfast since he needs to fetch MIL to fix her dentures.

After about half hour (while waiting for MIL to get ready), I really feel tired and told hubby to go ahead and buy me something for breakfast. He brought Ben along with MIL leaving me home alone.

I was resting on the bed when suddenly I felt my stomach churned. Ran to the bathroom and wait for the disaster to come. At that same instance, I felt like vomiting. Oh gosh... these are the times where you feel like you're in a life and death situation. To poop or to puke? Top or bottom? Which one is messier?

I hold on and prayed that I can sh*t fast enough before my vomit comes. After I was done with my sh*tty business, I cleaned up and was just a step out of the bathroom when I felt like really really want to vomit.

Couldn't run to the toilet seat or sink in time. Just sat down at the bathroom edge and puked right there and then. Three times.

Each puke make me feel horrible. FYI, I have NEVER puke in my life.

Not when small (at least not that I can remember), not at all during pregnancy... and now, I'm puking three times in a row.

It is so horrible and with each puke that comes out, its as if my throat is being clamped down and shrinking with each seconds.

By the time hubby got home, he saw me sitting at the edge of the bathroom with my trails of vomits. (Sorry, do not mean to be so gross here...)

Anyway, to cut it short, I told hubby I need to apply MC for the day.

No full-time mummy for the day.

I really need to rest and it would be great if Ben only appears when it is his feeding time.

So for the whole day, I only see Ben every 3 hours or so while I rest on the bed. MIL helped out as well to care for Ben while hubby handles his biz from his office (which is in our next room)

Now, a day after the incident, I still need to go toilet every now and then but no more puking for now. And my body still aches as if I've been to war. All my muscles ache and it feels especially bad when I had to lug my 10kg baby boy so I tried not to carry him so much.

And, this morning, it was MIL's turn to get food poisoning. She is resting in her room now. I tried my best to serve her as I'm still recuperating as well. Hubby is out to client's site, so I told hubby to come home as soon as possible and not spend so long time at client's site if unnecessary.

ever say it's easy being a full time mummy? If you are sick, who is going to look after your baby? I'm lucky to have hubby who doesn't need to report to work 9am-6pm and lucky also to have MIL's help. Thank God for them and I pray we'll ride out of this storm soon...

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