Thursday, 12 November 2009

Classic ahhhh....

Back when Ben turned 1 month old, we received a full moon gift from our neighbor. It was a 2 piece CD of classical songs (Beethoven, Mozart, etc) - which they said can stimulate baby's intelligence, increases baby's imagination, etc etc.

Sorry, I can't translate the Chinese words on the CD as I'm not Chinese educated :P

I started playing the CDs last 2 weeks and noticed Ben sleeps longer when I played the CD.

Other than this 2 CDs, there are 2 more albums which I regularly play for Ben, one is a bit hyper (as in sung by children) which I will play when Ben is active during day time.

The other album entitled 'Bless My Little Boy' sung by a gentle voice lady which I will play when Ben is going to sleep (seems to lull him easier)

I personally loved quite a number of songs in this album!

We started with this album during my DIY confinement time so it brings back a lot of memories when I play it now... :D

There is another version for baby girls called 'Bless My Little Girl' - kinda similar except they changed the word 'boy' to 'girl', I guess... :P

So far, I've noticed when I play the classical music CDs during Ben's playing time, he doesn't bother much with it.

But when he is going to sleep or midway sleeping and I play it, he will sleep longer :D

His normal daytime naps is around half hour, there are times when I played the classical music CD, Ben can sleep up to 2 hours...

I actually recorded a video of Ben asleep with his fingers moving as if he's trying to tap the piano key or something while the classical music is playing at the background... so cute!

Last pic shown in this post is of Ben examining the CD... :D Wonder if this classical music actually works? Hmmm...


thirdy_smom said...


When Tri was still in my tummy, I also listen to a lot of classical music or instrumental pieces or I'll play piano to relax. Continued it until he was 4 or 5 months. They said babies will learn to be gentle, well mannered and grow up smart!then after that I let him listen to retro (earth, wind and fire, kc and the sunshine band jackson 5, etc.) he loves it. I grew up with most of their songs. I got him a cd as well. you can check my post Retroing Babies .

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

When I was pregnant with Ben, I used this gadget called Baby Plus. I blogged about it in July (

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Hi thirdy_smom,

Just checked out your post. Good one! I love the songs from those bands you featured too :)

thirdy_smom said...

thanks! haven't heard of Babyplus, though. I'll check the website, maybe i can share it with my preggy officemate! thanks for the info

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

No prob. :)


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