Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Writer's Workshop #2 - 5 Products My Dad Used...

Yeah, I know I'm late again for the Writer's Workshop... I have just got around to having a little bit of spare time to do this. So, for my 2nd Writer's Workshop, I'm choosing prompt #3:

"What does that tell you about your father? List five products your father used (or uses). Write a longer piece about, at least, one of them."

The 5 things (in no particular order) that reminded me of my dad (which he used while he was still alive few years ago...) are:

Code 10 Hair cream
It's not easy searching for a picture of this hair cream. I think it's no longer in production or something :( Anyway, I can clearly remember the smell of this hair cream... manly and quite overpowering. And yes, I did used it a few times during my younger years when I was having my bad hair days... I like it (not the smell) cos it's not strong like hair gel which makes your hair perky and hard. This hair cream holds your messy hair in its place and doesn't make you look obvious that you're putting on any hair cream. Problem is, the smell. Manly smell...

Tiger Balm
It is actually a medicated ointment, which I believe exists in almost all the Chinese people's household. Kinda like a cure-all remedy thingy...

My dad used it for tons of things... scratches, mosquito bites, itches, headaches, coughs (rub on chest and throat), even runny nose. I too used this back when I was younger. And lately, even my MIL is asking for one since her's is running out soon!

Plastic Comb
Although my dad used to have a small patch of hair left, he never goes anywhere without his trusted plastic comb. I still remember the plastic comb is small enough for him to put it at the back pocket of his pants. It's kinda funny looking at him combing his hair (and applying the Code 10 hair cream as well) :D

Electrical Test Pen
My dad used to be an electrician for a few decades. A darn good electrician by the way.

I remembered an old colleague of dad told me that just by seeing the faulty components or electrical outlets, dad can tell what causes the outage or problem and fixed it quickly). So of course, everywhere he goes, there will be a trusted test pen stuck to his front shirt pocket.

His vintage Yamaha Motorcycle
Oh well, it's vintage because he bought it in the early 70s and its still working perfectly fine 3 decades later. The picture shown here is not of the actual bike. It's the closest picture of the bike I can recall and dad's bike is black in color.

I remember dad fetching me to school sometimes and also when I was working as a part-time sales girl during school holidays. I remember hugging him tight when it rained halfway in our journey back home and then how we took shelter under some shop lots, waiting for the rain to stop, shivering in cold cos we were all drenched up in the rain.

I remember how much dad loved his bike. When we stopped at the traffic light, there will be people (either on bikes or cars or buses) who will call for dad either asking him how much he willing to be paid to part with the bike, some will voiced out their admiration of the bike to dad. And most of the times, we will be the 1st to zoom off when the light turns green cos the rest of the people are still start struck with the sight of dad's bike.

When dad passed away, the bike was in a bad condition (unused for a few months since dad was not able to walk few months prior to passing away) and since we were staying in a government flat then, some drug addicts and slackers staying around the flat stole the bike parts, bit by bit... the tires, the exhaust pipe, the handles, the seat, and all that is left were the frame of the bike. I felt sorry for not able to rescue the bike :(

* Note: Dad, thank you so much for all these memories. All though it has been almost 4 years you left us, I still cherish the memories we had together. And going through the above few items just bring back tons of memories and make me miss you even more. Rest in peace dad, I pray that we will see each other again in heaven one day! *



Holly said...

I LOVED this prompt...and actually have my post sitting in the edit section. I think I will run it on Father's Day. A vintage Yamaha..cool.

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day.

504 Main

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Holly!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You can publish yours as well instead of waiting until Father's Day to do it :D

Dan said...

I think that many of our fathers had motorcycles in their lives. My dad had an old WWII era Indian motorcycle that got ridden once a year and then put back in the garage until next year, right beside the outboard boat motor mounted on the 55 gallon drum for testing. That poor outboard motor never ran anywhere but in the garage as dad worked on it - he never wanted nor had a boat - he just liked to tinker with the motor.

It's fun to remember the idiosyncrasies of our fathers. Enjoy the memories.

Thanks for dropping by.

Kimberly said...

I loved this post. I have been meaning to do the writer workshop too as an extra inspiration through the week.

My dad used "Old Spice". I still like that smell too.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Dan!
Thanks for hopping over! Oh wow... a bike which got ridden once a year! :O

Hey Kimberly!
Thanks so much for visiting, really appreciate you taking the time to hop by. I hope everything is fine at your side of the world! :D


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