Saturday, 10 April 2010

Baby Room Review - Tropicana City Mall, PJ

We were out for window shopping with my best friend the other day and we decided to go to the nearest shopping mall in our area, which is Tropicana City Mall.

When it was near dinner time, Ben start fussing for his meal and we didn't think we would be out that long, so I didn't prepare his oat porridge (normally if I know we'd be out long, I'd cook and pre-packed Ben's oat porridge along). Now with a fussy baby who needs his hunger to be filled up ASAP, I quickly carried him and went to the baby room.

So, anyway here is the latest review of the baby room:
When: 4th April 2010
Why: Window shopping trip with hubby, Ben, my best friend and her boyfriend.
Location: Ground floor, next to the ladies.
Description: The baby room is right next to the Ladies toilet but it is a small room, very clean and quiet area , separate section actually from the toilets in which there is a chair provided in the room where you can sit and nurse your baby and you can also change your baby's diaper since there is a diaper changing station provided.

Location of the baby room:
I'd give it 7/10. The fact that I had to walk quite far while lugging my 10kg boy is not fun and maybe because I was too preoccupied with telling myself to focus on getting to the baby room that I forgot to see whether there are any signage to the baby room. I only found out the location of the baby room by asking the reception staff at the mall.
I'd give it 8/10. Dustbin, a small metal chair, sink to wash hand, hand wash liquid, paper towels and the diaper changing station. I'm not quite happy with the diaper changing station as it is quite difficult to pull down (maybe still new?). Although I can lock the room and have it all to myself, it is still a small room which not much extra space. If I had brought my stroller along, I don't think there is any extra space for me to move around in the room.
Comfort Level:
I'd give it 8/10. The room is comfortably lit, a bit cold for me (well at least there's good air circulation come to think of it) but I guess its OK since I can lock myself inside and take my own sweet time nursing Ben.

Well, at least there is a baby room provided and it is cosy enough to nurse my boy in peace. It is also clean and well maintained. I wish there are more of this rooms provided in the mall and that they could at least put another chair in it so that other family member (hubby or other children perhaps?) can sit and accompany the nursing mum.


Nicole Bouchard Boles said...

Stopping by from FF. I'm your latest follower!

Visit me at for great ideas and inspiration on giving back!

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

The best baby rooms I've encountered are in Jaya Jusco Mid Valley, The Gardens Mid Valley and also probably Pavillion ^___^

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Nicole!
Thanks for the follow, I'll return the favor after this! Do drop by my blog from time to time, k? :)

Hey Shareen!
Jusco Mid Valley are great too! Basically, I'm pretty satisfied with the baby rooms in Jusco regardless which branch they are from. Haven't try The Gardens and Pavillion yet...


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