Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ben's Playroom Progress...

About 4 months back, I blogged about our room being burglarised... Ok, ok... the mess was all caused by our then 9 month old boy...

Anyway, we planned to convert one of our spare rooms to be Ben's playroom during day time cos at the moment, Ben's playroom is our bedroom. I'm getting tired of cleaning up his mess in our not so small bedroom. And I think it's really time to make a proper playroom for Ben for his own safety and my health sake (getting stress seeing all his stunts and new antics everyday - I will post up these pics later! :P)

So, here are some shots of our small steps of progress in decorating the playroom for Ben...

This is taken few minutes after we started painting the walls... Btw, the paint we got is from ICI Dulux Pearl Glo which is water based and the color is called 'Snow Cherries' kinda like pink peachy color.

Here's another shot of the windows in the room... Outside is where we hang our laundry cos it's more airy there and not so dusty. The cables dangling next to the window you see here is the fixture for the air conditioning - soon to be setup ... once we get down to buying an air conditioning unit :P
Here's a shot of hubby painting the wall...

Other than the completed wall painting, we have also bought a rug from Ikea last week to cover up half of the parquet floor. We decided not to use the alphabet mats in this room cos Ben has this knack to peel off the alphabet mats and munch on it. So, no more alphabet mats...

Now, what's pending at the moment:
* Air conditioning unit (we need one cos Malaysia is hot all year round, but we will only use it when it's really hot during day time since there is a ceiling fan in the room)
* Wall stickers! (I bought some already, and its just waiting for the room to be fully furnished before I can proceed to stick up the stickers!)
* A small table for my laptop and a chair so that I can still do some work when Ben takes his nap during the daytime.
* A small bed in the room for Ben when he naps during the daytime.
* Tons of toys and teaching materials for Ben!

Once all this are done, we're good to go!
Until then, this are the status updates as of today... stay tuned! :D


Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Oh yeay! I love DIY home deco. Post more updates soon yeah? ^___^

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I would love a playroom for JDaniel. His play area is his room or the living room.

Wei Yun said...

Is this also gonna be turned into Ben's bedroom in the future? :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Shareen!
Sure thing! Will post more updates when we progress further! :D

Hello JDaniel4's Mom!
Well, Ben's bedroom is our room, he co-sleeps with us now. And his playroom is also our bedroom, which is why we wanted to create a playroom for Ben so that he doesn't cause a big mess in our bedroom! ;p

Hey Wei Yun!
Ben's bedroom in future? Maybe, maybe... but for now, it will be his daytime playroom where he'll spend his daytime playing and learning things lah... am scouting for materials on the Net on what I could teach him for now.. ;)

the Gardners said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hello the Gardners!

Thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed my blog! Hope to see you again sometime! :)


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