Thursday, 4 March 2010

Happy 1 Year Old Birthday My Dearest Benjamin!

My dearest sweet baby Benjamin has just turned 1 year old today!

Time goes by so fast and I still can't believe that the little baby I have is 1 year old already!

Dearest Benjamin,

Mummy is so proud of you dear boy! You were the best baby any parents could ever wished for.

You have no problems with breastfeeding, no diapering problems, no colic, even when you had jaundice you took it like a little man! You achieved all your milestones with ease, your first stand and attempt to climb the bed, your first crawl, first coo and babble, first sit up, first finger pointing and so on...

You did not fuss when you started your solids, you cope superbly well when you were teething (and to think mummy didn't even know you were teething!!), and now you are learning to walk already!

Mummy is so glad that she quit her job to take care of you full time at home. Yes, you may have your cheekiness and naughtiness but mummy does not mind.
All these will be memories to look back to one day when you are all grown up.

Mummy wish that you will grow up to be a God fearing and God loving child, a child that will respect the elders and respect your parents! :D

Mummy wish that you will leave your life according to God's will, do everything that pleases God and show the good example of Christian living and bring joy to everyone who meets you.

Dearest Ben baby, mummy & daddy loves you loads and loads.
Don't you ever forget that.

Happy Birthday dearie! Hugs and kisses from mummy and daddy! :)


babyfiona said...

Happy Birthday Little Ben :)

5thsister said...

Happy Birthday Baby Ben!

It is obvious that you have brought much joy to your mommy and daddy. They love and adore you so very much and that will never change.

And what a handsome and clever baby you are. I love reading about your antics through your mommy's blog. She's pretty proud of you, you know.

I plan to continue following your mommy's blog and enjoy your milestones as they come and pass. You make me wish that it was possible for me to have more babies, as I was only blessed with 2. But between you and me, they were just as clever, sweet and content as you! Don't ever change.

With that said, have a very wonderful birthday filled with every happy moment you could possibly imagine!

God bless you and your family.

Brook said...

He is such a precious darling! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BENJAMIN!!! :)

Kyrstin said...

Happy 1st Birthday! Time sure does fly by -especially the first year. It is amazing all that is accomplished in the first year of life!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Happy birthday to Benjamin!

MieVee @ said...

Happy birthday, Benjamin! Stay happy and healthy all year round. :)

Darcy said...

super cute! stopping by from FF.


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