Wednesday, 17 March 2010

★ Today's Awesome Discovery! ★

Ok.. I figured out since I'm always on the look out for awesome articles/pictures/stories from the Internet and then get all excited and shared it on my blog, I decided to create a "Today's Awesome Discovery!" button, which I will dutifully include in my future posts so that you guys will know that those awesome articles/pictures/stories posted for that day are from the Net and not from me.

Yes, there are some blog readers and visitors who actually thought I designed/created those wonderful arts/crafts/amazing stuff I posted on my blog!
As flattering as it may be, I do not want/intend to take the credits for all this awesome articles/pictures/stories if it is clearly not from me... However, if you don't see this button, then well, those articles/pictures/stories are rightfully mine ;D

So from now on, every time you see this button image, it means I found treasure!! I've discovered an awesome articles/pictures/stories and am sharing it with you guys. You can also look it out under the label tag "Awesome Discovery" to find the collections of these articles/pictures/stories :) I will tag all my previous posts on these amazing and awesome articles/pictures/stories with the "Awesome Discovery" tag but will only include this button from this point onwards (okay, okay... that's just an excuse for my laziness, but come on... give me a break!! I just designed that button from scratch!! That's hard work!! :P)

So, here goes the button... Ta-da!!!!
I'm a full-time mummy


Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

What a cute idea! Can't wait to see the things you discover! :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hey Brittany!

Don't worry, I've scheduled a couple of posts within these 2 days... stay tuned! :D

Life Without Pink said...

Oh I can't wait to see some of the wonderful discoveries! I wish I was crafty so envious over these truly talented women! Cute button!!

5thsister said...

You are a clever one! Great idea!


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