Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ben's 1st Birthday Party!

Yesterday (6th March 2010) we celebrated Ben's 1 year old birthday party at our home. It was held 2 days later than Ben's actual birthday which is on 4th March (we thought party held on weekend is better than on a weekday...). We invited close friends and immediate family members to the party, altogether 14 adults, 10 children and 1 toddler.

The foods being served during the party were:
* Lamb rendang made by brother in law
* Tomyam fried vermicelli made by sister in law
* Braised pork, mushroom and boiled eggs made by MIL
* Muffin and birthday cupcakes made by sister in law
* A whopping 3kg jelly birthday cake bought by 2nd sister in law
* Salad prawn
* Sweet & sour fish nuggets
* Mango & honey melon pudding made by me
* Egg tarts and siew pao bought by my brother

This is the whopping 3kg jelly birthday cake bought by my 2nd sister in law for Ben's party.

I'm not sure about you guys, but it's whopping big to me...!! 3kg man! That's 6.6 lbs!

And it's really yummylicious cos it doesn't make you feel full compared to normal birthday cakes that we would normally have.

Each layer are of different colors and the children went 'Woowwww' when we lift open the birthday cake cover. And then cameras appear everywhere to snap at this lovely jelly cake.

These are the birthday cupcakes made by my 1st sister in law.

Apart from the last 3 cupcakes with Ben's short name written on it, the rest of the cupcakes are sprinkled with colorful chips and had a candle letter which spelled out 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

Sorry if you can't read the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' candle letters cos I snapped this picture from the top :P

So, we actually had TWO birthday cakes for Ben's birthday. The first is the jelly birthday cake above and the 2nd one is these lovely cupcakes! :D

Since we have 10 children in the party, I had earlier made 10 bags of party favors which we gave out after we sang the birthday song and cut the jelly birthday cake.

We bought the party favor bags from the same place where we got the wall stickers. Coincidentally it comes with 10 bags each so it's just nice for each children in the party :D

I had printed the names of each children and tied it to each bag, so that it doesn't get mixed up (don't want to have children crying and fighting over their stuff :P)

Basically, we put in some goodies and snacks inside the party favor bag, like stationery (which the children can use for their school), snacks (which they can munch on) and some souvenirs.

This is the birthday boy in his cutie-patootie cow costume. Mummy and daddy thinks the costume is awesome but MIL was like 'Hey, cut off the tail at the back, it's so hideous! Why leave the cow tail dangling?!!! Cut it off!!'

What do you think of Ben's costume?

This is Ben-intrigued with the plastic knife used to cut the jelly birthday cake after we sang the birthday song.

He grasped on tightly to the knife (it's a new toy to him) - so hard that daddy had to fight to grasp it back! :P

So there you have it... Benjamin's 1st birthday party! :D

(*Note to Ben:
Ben, when you grow up and are old enough to understand stuff, these pictures are proof that mummy and daddy and everyone else loves you so much and how you spent your 1st birthday with all of us! :D)


MieVee @ said...

Happy birthday to you, Benjamin! Stay happy and healthy round the year. :)

Low Expectations said...

That cake is neat! I have never heard/seen a jelly cake!

I am glad things went well! Happy 1st Birthday to Ben!

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

Oh this is too cute! I've never heard of or seen a jelly cake before, it looks yummy! Glad his party was a success! :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hey MieVee!
Thanks for the birthday wish!

Hello Low Expectations & Brittany,
What?! You've gotta be kidding me! Never seen a jelly cke before?! It is quite a rage here in Malaysia. Maybe I'll write up a post on this later :)

Thanks for the birthday wish!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great party! The cakes looks great. My son turned two on Friday. I wrote about his party too.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi JDaniel4's Mom!

Thanks! Congrats on your son turning 2 years old! :D


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