Thursday, 18 March 2010

I Don't Like to Hear Fart Sounds...

Yes, I really don't... especially when every time you hear the fart sound, it is followed by smelly poop.

Unfortunately for my toddler, he is having diarrhea this morning.. He was asleep as usual, and by around 3am (yes I was just getting ready to sleep then) I heard a fart sound, loud enough to scare me off .. I mean who would've thought such a tiny toddler could produce THAT big scary sound?!

I thought it was just wind or something... and then I smelled it... and our usual routine to clean him up is:
1. Take off pants & diapers
2. Wipe off the trailing bits (if there is any)
3. Lug Ben to the bathroom
4. Wash him off
5. Wipe him dry and put on new diaper
6. Put pants on again

Except for this time, before I could do step #2, I had to wake my toddler up... yes, he pooped while he is still asleep... and I don't feel comfortable to just wipe him off with baby wipes. I need to clean him off with clean water. So, I've got no choice... I had to wake him up. Don't want a suddenly-awake-screaming-and-crying baby on my hands if I splash water on his butt suddenly.

Anyway, fast forward that... I had to nurse Ben back to sleep cos he is WIDE AWAKE (and ready to play) after a fresh cleaning spree on his butt. Just when I thought everything is settled, Ben is asleep by then and I get ready to sleep (it took some time for me to sleep after I nursed him), then another fart sound... I took my mobile phone, on its light, peeked in Ben's diaper and .... yeap.. another round of fresh poop this time...and yes, Ben is asleep again... Gaaaaaaaaahhh...

To spare you the repetitions of the above steps, I'll just summarize by telling you I had to do the above for 3 more times (yes, total 5 times Ben pooped in his sleep after farted). I was getting scared and really don't like listening to fart sounds by then.

So just now, we brought Ben to our paed. He said since Ben is still on breast milk, it couldn't be the cause. He suspected its either his solids or his snacks. We were told to not give Ben any dairy stuff for a week. Our paed gave us some sachets of electrolytes (maintenance of body water & minerals which were lost in diarrhea) and after Ben had his usual oats (with carrot slices) for his lunch, he played for a while and is now asleep. Other than the diarrhea this morning (no more for now..), Ben is still his usual chirpy and active self.

I hope he'll get well soon and seriously... I don't like to hear fart sounds anymore...


Anonymous said...

Gosh, it must be quite a night of cleaning him up again & again, ya? I wonder what time it was by the time the farting and pooping was over.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Joey... it started at around 3am today... until around 11am... that's when we brought Ben to the paed. So far, he has not pooped anymore, although he did farted once (which scared me for a while... and made me peeked in his diaper again... :P)

Cranky Mommy said...

I know what you mean. I'm on kid #3 and I'm SO over the bodily functions of other beings! HAHA!

Happy SITS Day!


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