Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I am so pissed off right now...

Yeah... I feel so pissed off now cos I broke my glasses.

And it's less than a year old... :(

I was trying to carry Ben up and felt my glasses abit loose, so decided mid trying to carry Ben, to pull out my glasses and put it on again... and then snap....!

One of the side where you hook to the ear (sorry don't know what its called) just broke.


I could still wear the glasses (with one less support to the ear) but its only for a few minutes cos' it's not even and the pressure from the frame is not even, so it's giving me headaches if I use the glasses too long.

Tried looking for my old glasses but its broken as well and that adds on to my pissy-ness...


SMSed hubby (he's out at client's place now) to tell him what's pissing me off and he said he'll bring me to the shop to get a new one tomorrow.

Until then... I've gotta bear the headaches cos I really need to use the glasses since Ben is around and don't want any accidents to happen just because my eye sights are a blur... What a day! :(


5thsister said...

oh dear...sorry you are having a bad day. I hear you about the glasses though. I've been waiting for my new ones going on 2 weeks now.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Polly!
I'm currently using my spare glasses (the broken one which I somehow managed to McGyverise it by tying it up with a rubber band). Am going to the optometrist in a few hours time.

Hope you'll get your new glasses soon!


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