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Vaccines - need to know...

This article is also from CNN website. (heck, next time, I wonder if anybody does read my blog at all... :P)

Just a summary of the article for those who are lazy to load to the site (or ehem ehem, prefers to stay at my blog site :P) -

Vaccines - need to know

The worry: Vaccines cause autism
The facts: So far, 10 studies involving thousands of children have failed to find any connection between the MMR and autism. Plus, the original paper suggesting a connection between the two was formally retracted by 10 of its 13 authors in 2004. Plus, autism rates have continued to rise even after drug companies voluntarily phased out the preservative from all vaccines given to kids (with the exception of some flu shots) in 2001. Clearly, we are far from understanding everything we need to about the range of autistic disorders.

The worry: Too many shots too soon is risky
The facts: What's more, the bacteria and viruses used in vaccines are either killed or altered. There are just enough to induce immunity, but not enough to make someone sick -- and certainly not enough to overload the immune system of a healthy child. As with any medical intervention, side effects, including soreness, rashes, and fever, are possible, but most are mild and short-lived. In rare instances, some children experience fever-induced seizures following shots, but though these are frightening, they cause no permanent harm. One common response to these concerns is to break up combination vaccines (which may contain up to five inoculations in one) or to spread them out. But that carries significant risks of its own.

More troubling, during the gaps, kids are susceptible to catching serious diseases they could have been protected from. Vaccines are scheduled when they are for precise reasons: It's a balance between finding the time when the baby's immune system can respond and knowing when he's most in danger of catching the infection.

The worry: Vaccines contain toxins
The facts: Everyday exposure to aluminum is generally not considered hazardous -- most adults ingest 7 to 9 milligrams (mg) every day through food alone (up to 200 mg if they pop antacids), and formula contains anywhere from .05 mg/L to .93 mg/L. Very little of the aluminum taken in orally is absorbed, and what does make it into the bloodstream is excreted within days. Although the aluminum in vaccines is, of course, injected, there doesn't seem to be evidence it poses any danger for healthy kids. The amount of aluminum injected is no more than .85 mg per dose, and the CDC, the Institute of Medicine, and the World Health Organization have all deemed the levels babies receive from shots to be safe.

However, if you still have concerns, you can ask your doctor to choose low- or no-aluminum vaccines when possible.

The worry: It's healthier to contract some diseases naturally
The facts: The potential complications of both chicken pox and measles are far more dangerous than any posed by the shots.

I don't know what you all had in mind, but for me, I don't agree with the need to take all the vaccines available in the market (and some even costs up to thousands of Ringgits!) - for now, after checking with our paed, hubby and I decided to take the necessary injections and leave the 'modern' vaccines for now.


Wei Yun said...

Yes, I also didn't go for all the optional shots.

And also I always late for the shots :p Delay a few months, so the immune system stronger.

Both Izabel and Micha got the chicken pox earlier this year. Both recovered with no major problems, except the normal uncomfortableness - slight fever, and itchiness and the blisters of course. But otherwise, it was quite managable.

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

Wah! Can delay ar? And here we were like "eh must block calendar. dun forget boy-boy going for jab 1st of the month!"

So far the jabs that Ben got - no major problems, just slight heaty body and fussiness.

Wei Yun said...

Yes, it's all delayed and more so for Micha. No need to be on the dot one. Especially sometimes if baby not well, not advisable for jabs.

Micha's due for MMR at 12 months but he's almost 17 months now, still haven't take. I have also read that if taken later i.e. at 4 years old, only need one jab as opposed to two.

I'm reading The Vaccine Book by Sears. If you are keen, you can take a look later.


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