Thursday, 16 July 2009

Babyplus... replicating mother's heartbeat...

I was just emailing a close friend the other day talking about our babies (hers is a girl, mine a boy) and the topic of Babyplus came up. She mentioned that she always believed the gadget works cos her daughter (2 months older than my boy) is more attentive and actually used her pointing finger and babbles away while she reads to her.

I also used Babyplus when I was pregnant (she lend me he spare unit, thanks Siew Choo!!!!) but have yet to check out whether the gadget really works, so decided to surf back the website and read back the benefits - hahaha... here goes...

Benefits of BabyPlus

BabyPlus parents report babies at birth and infancy:
  • More readily nurse (True!!!)
  • Display an increased ability to self-soothe (True!!!)
  • Are more interactive & responsive (So so so true!!!)
  • Are more relaxed & alert at birth (So so so true!!!)

And later in life demonstrate:
  • Earlier developmental milestones (So so so true!!!)
  • Enhanced intellectual abilities (Well I did noticed the babbling while I read Ben his story book as well...)
  • Longer attention spans
  • Improved school readiness
  • Greater creativity & independence

Other than the above benefits listed on the website, I also noticed that Ben is:
  • used to being in a noisy (alot of sound) environment (I've seen babies throwing fuss and crying like mad at a slightest noice/sound)
  • calm and alert with his surroundings, not like other babies I've seen which looks lethargic
  • at between 2 - 3.5 months old, he has reached all the milestones for 4-6 months old babies (such as bringing his hands together, raised his chest when on tummy, roll over, reaches for objects, track objects from side to side and also follow the objects with his eyes, vocalize his pleasure & displeasure, makes sounds to get attention, attempt to move by crawling, bum shuffling or pivoting on tummy and many more!)
  • breastfeeds very very well
  • sleeps well through the night (that I have to wake him up to feed him sometimes as my breasts will be engorged :( )

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