Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Talking funny... (and nope, not the baby, its the mummy.... )

I have been having mouth ulcer since last week. I can't remember when was the last time I had a mouth ulcer. I think when I was pregnant I was totally mouth ulcer free for the 9 months! I think this was probably because when you are pregnant, you will be taking pre-natal vitamins which sufficiently protects you from having ulcers.

Since last week I have been eating noodles (easy to go down and no crumbs/bits of it going and touching the ulcer) and having porridge for few days straight is no fun... but of course, there's a few nights I bugged hubby to make me chicken burger (yummy!) which I'd be glad to pay the price (super pain!!) cos the burger fills up my tummy longer than the noodle & porridge.

But I think the most excruciating time was when I had to play with Ben. Imagine saying & singing the nursery rhymes to your baby with part of your mouth crooked to one side and mid saying/singing you go 'ouch ouch owwwwww' and then your baby goes wondering 'aik? this part is new...' or 'why mummy talk so funny wan?'

I'm not sure whether babies around Ben's age (4.5 mths now) will be able to differentiate or not but I am seriously praying that the mouth ulcer will heal up fast. I think within these 2 days it should peak and get better from then on.

Till then... mummy's gotta talk like a baby to her baby... :P

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