Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Caring for your child only to be 'dumped' at hospital when you are old...

I am so saddened by the article published in the Star paper on 26th July 2009 ("Abandoned by their kids") Imagine you worked hard to put food on the table for your family and children, tightened your belt everyday to make ends meet, provided the best you can for your children in hope that they will have a better life and future than yours only to be abandoned by the very same (and own) flesh and blood of yours when you are old/sick/lonely/helpless.

I seriously cannot contemplate how the people who abandoned their ageing parents can say its because of financial woes. Money is not everything - yes, without it, they may have difficulties with their lifestyle, but it should not be the reason for them to even think of abandoning their own parents! Why didn't they think that one day when they become parents themselves, how will they answer to their own children when they ask where are their grandparents? What about those people who actually have their own kids and do that? What sort of message are they sending to their own children when they abandoned their own parents elsewhere? How would you answer to God?

My dad passed away in April 2006, mom followed dad 8 months later in Jan 2007. I know my parents have both did their best in raising my brother and I. I can never ever repay their love and sacrifices towards me. I find solace in knowing I have done my best and told them I loved them before they passed on.

I just hope I can raise my own children and nurture them with the good values I was raised with.

God, I pray that you will bless and protect the old folks caught in these situation. Open up the hearts and minds of their children so that they may realise what they have done and correct their mistakes.Amen...

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