Saturday, 12 June 2010

Five Question Friday #10

I'll be busy with some personal project this few weeks, but nevertheless, still manage to find some time to participate in this week's 5QF. The questions are:

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?
Someone who listens to your never-ending repetitious whining and grumbles and complains and keeps it to herself. 
Someone who tells you stuff that comforts and cheers you up. 
Someone who tells you stuff you don't want to hear but in the end, is the right thing to do...
Someone whom you can totally just say "You remember the time I told you about... So, ..." and then you just continue where you left off and they can totally remember all those old stuff?

I am so very privileged to have a few friends like this:
* One whom I have known since high school, and help my husband to court me, and then joined the same company (but supporting different subsidiaries) and still kept in touch with me even though we have changed jobs (both of us), get married (me), got pregnant (me again!) and quit job (yes, it's me again!)
* One whom I have known almost towards the end of my high school as pen pal, and then progressed into a relationship, and almost 10 years on, got married and is my hubby now! :D
* One whom I have known ever since I started working in IT line, who gave and continues to give me good advice and even took the trouble to include a short trip to Kuala Lumpur to pay us a visit and even treat us a very memorable lunch (where Queen E once stayed there!)

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?
Oh wow... I have previously wanted to blog about this but I was like thinking... should I? ... and then this question comes along.. so, oh what the heck.. here it goes... 
You see, few days ago, we were out during a family outing (looking for Ben's front facing car seat) and we saw this DVD on the display. It even has this "New Release" sticker pasted on the front and it costs us RM16.90 (that's about USD5.11)

I was actually pretty excited with this DVD cos I mean, look at the cover!! How cute is that to see Elmo when he is still a baby?!! (Would you just look at Elmo in the cute diaper?!!) And Big Bird too! And Cookie Monster! Oh gosh... I am such a sucker for all this baby / miniature stuff... So, we bought it and put the DVD on when we settled down back at home in the evening.

It lasted for a total of 24 minutes. Which, at the beginning (the first 5 minutes) hubby already mentioned its so lullaby-ish that he can go to sleep... which he did... before the DVD ends! I'm sorry to say this but I kinda regretted buying this DVD.. I was hoping for more songs out of it but sigh... to cut this short, this is by far, my most regretted purchase of baby stuff.... :(

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?
Hmmm... not that I can recall... either that or I probably suppressed the memories of it hehehe... 

4. What is your favorite theme park?
In Malaysia, there's not many for you to choose, the famous one is 'Genting Highlands'. I know my MIL loves going there! :D

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?
Heck, I have not even seen my ownself giving birth but, OK, OK, I saw some videos of women giving birth during the antenatal class but that's about it...

(*Images taken from Google image search)



Baby Boberg & Parents said...

I love your friendship poem. How lovely!

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! I love your friendship answer!! Happy Friday =)

Annie said...

Great post!!

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.

trishandwade said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! That theme park looks kind of fun. Have a great weekend!

D and A said...

You have a great blog! It is neat that we are both blogging from different corners of the world. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Amy @ Things and Stuff


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