Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Working on a Project...

Hi folks,

Just want to give an update to you guys (who bothers to visit here every now and then) that I'll be on and off busy and won't be blogging as frequent as I normally did for this 2 weeks. I'll be working on a project and it's targeted to be completed by this month end. Will tell you guys more when everything has been settled. I will still be blog hopping and checking you guys out, don't worry!

Thank you so much for your time in coming here, I really hope you will stay on and support my blog. God bless you all! :D



Happy Mummy said...

Ah hah... haPPy project-ing ya!

Look forward to your new posts soon then :)

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

Can not wait to hear about your new project!

RoseBelle said...

Good luck with your project. See you soon!

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

so i'm looking forward to hearing what this project is =) enjoy your time, we all need a little break sometimes!


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