Saturday, 12 June 2010

It’s Not Fair!

Thought I'd share with you guys this article from Our Daily Bread:
He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor punished us according to our iniquities. —Psalm 103:10

Not fair!” Whether you’ve said it or at least thought it, you’ve got to admit, it’s hard to see someone get away with something and not get what they deserve. We learn this early in life. Just ask the parent of any teenager. Kids hate to see their siblings get off scot-free for the things they got spanked for. Which is why they so readily tattle on each other. But then, we never really grow out of this. To our way of thinking, fairness means sinners deserve God’s wrath and we, the good people, deserve His applause.

But if God were into being “fair,” we would all be consumed by His judgment! We can be thankful for this: “[God] has not dealt with us according to our sins” (Ps. 103:10). We should be glad, not grumpy, that God chooses mercy over fairness and that He is willing to extend grace even to those who are undeserving and hopelessly lost. And while we are thinking about it, when was the last time we let mercy trump fairness with someone who offended us?

It’s not God’s fairness but His mercy that drives Him to pursue us so that heaven can have a party when we are found (Luke 15:7). Personally, I’m thankful that God has not been “fair” with me! Aren’t you? — Joe Stowell

Favor to the undeserving;
Love, when from God we have turned;
Mercy, when His love we’ve spurned—
That’s God’s grace! —Anon.

We can show mercy to others because God has shown mercy to us.

For me, I used to think that life is not fair and wonder why other people get to have this and that... Until one day I realized well, sometimes you've gotta look at the other person's perspective and you've gotta also look at the bigger picture.
* It's not fair that I don't get to continue my studies... but before I quit my IT job in June 2009, I know I earned more than my friends who went overseas, got degree, got Masters, etc etc...
* It's not fair that I have to work my way up with just 1 year Diploma in IT, but I realized now I get higher pay because I started working at a young age. Those years and years of experience is way much more valuable than a degree...
* It's not fair that my parents passed away but I realized, God works in a mysterious way... I am comforted in knowing my parents accepted Jesus before they passed on.

The grass always look greener on the other side. How am I to know that maybe the other person is also envious and saying that it's not fair I get this and that? Right? 

And, think about it... God gave us another day to live on this planet, no pain, no sickness, with loved ones around, what more could we ask for? What more do you want? Why must we be so greedy and keep wanting more? Why can't we make do and be happy with what we are blessed with and stop saying it's not fair? Look at the bigger picture and be contented and give thanks to what we are blessed with!
Think about it! 
(*Picture of Ben at 5 months old.. thinking?)



5thsister said...

Amen Ms. Mummy, Amen!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

So very true this statement: "Look at the bigger picture and be contented and give thanks to what we are blessed with!"...I love it. I always think that the bigger picture can tell us a lot about life, sometimes we just can not or do not see it :)

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

You would think that so many things in this life aren't fair, but I try to think that it is for our good and His glory. :D Thanks for the kind words on my blog!! :D

Java said...

You keep on breastfeeding cause I'm sure that has nothing to do with it! I nursed Short for 22 months!

RoseBelle said...

I'm happy with what I'm blessed with, my kids, my family's health, food on the table, roof over our heads, and happiness. Sometimes people wish for things that they don't have and forget to appreciate the things that they do have.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thank goodness He is not fair!
Stopping from SITS!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have selected this post as one of my great posts of week. Here is a link to my great posts piece:


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